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    Zhao Liying Pulls Off Youthful Look in School Uniform

    Starring in a music video for singer Jason Zhang Jie’s (張杰) new album single “You Deserve Better <你值得更好的>, Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) impressed with her youthful looks as a high school student, emerging second on Weibo search rankings.

    Campus Romance and Nostalgic Themes

    Before the music video’s release, a teaser poster which captured Zhao Liying as her character Wu Tianjing already generated plenty of hype online. The actress looked convincing as a student, dressed in a gray pleated short skirt and white uniform top while holding a paper airplane and looking into the distance.

    Premiering online on August 9, the school romance music video attracted millions of viewers, and saw “Zhao Liying as Wu Tianjing is so gorgeous” rising quickly up Weibo search rankings as the second trending topic. Already a mother of one, Zhao Liying’s convincing act as a high school student also sparked discussions from fans and viewers, who marveled at her well-maintained looks.

    Praise for Zhao Liying and Wei Daxun

    Directed by Gavin Lin (林孝謙), who is known for his romantic movies, and helmed by screenwriter Hermes Lu (呂安弦), the music video also stars Zhang Jie and actor Wei Daxun (魏大勛).

    Gavin had arranged a friendly “basketball match” so the three leads could warm up to each another. Describing the chance to work with Zhao Liying as a “dream come true” for him, he was ecstatic to shoot a music video after a four-year focus on filmmaking. “The interactions between the three leads were natural and brought authentic warmth into the music video,” he said.

    Singing praise for the cast, Gavin was wowed by Zhao Liying’s swift ability to get into character within seconds. He was equally impressed by Wei Daxun who was able to attune himself to the emotions of his character and move the plot forward, and how he led Zhang Jie, the less experienced actor of the three, into the storyline. Wei Daxun also enlivened the interactions between cast and crew on set with his bubbliness.


    Source: World Journal

    This article is written by JoyceK for

    Zhao Liying juggles her time between two cities, while finding time for her son.

    Feng Shaofeng’s mother had wanted the couple to have three children.

    The casting of Zhao Liying and Zhang Zhehan is building up high expectations for “The Song of Beidou Nanji”.

    After their split, Zhao Liying has a youthful glow but Feng Shaofeng looks exhausted as if he hasn’t been sleeping well.

    The script for “Nirvana in Fire 3” is completed and the next stage is finalizing the cast.

    Two weeks after the announcement of Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng’s divorce, the actor’s parents are already requesting friends to look out for suitable partners for him.

    After finalizing their divorce, the ex-couple move out of their home in Shanghai.

    After only two years of marriage, they announced their split.

    Angelababy, Zhao Liying, Jackson Wang, Ni Ni, Yang Zi, Li Xian, Gong Jun, and more top Chinese celebrities at the fashion icons awards event in Shanghai on March 31, 2021.

    Criticisms are abundant for Zhao Liying’s comeback drama “Legend of Fei.”

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