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Nick Cannon wept when he shared the tragic news that his five-month-old son, Zen, died of a brain tumor on December 5.

Nick Cannon When Alyssa Scott’s 5 month old son, Zen Cannon, Died. The baby was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, turning Thanksgiving around, Nick said in an episode on December 7. Nick Cannon Show.. Nick sobbed while sharing the news with listeners, revealing that the brain tumor began to grow rapidly at the end of November. Zen died on December 5th and Nick was able to be with him on his final day.

This was the first time the public had heard of Zen health issues. Five months old was one of Nick’s seven children born in the same month as the twins. Zion When Zillion..Talk show hosts share twins Abbey de la Rosa..Nick also has twins Morocco When Monroe With my ex-wife Mariah Carey, And my son, Golden, 4, and daughter, powerful, 1, Brittany Bell..

Nick Cannon on the red carpet. (Willy Son Juan / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

“I was always aware that he was coughing, so I decided to investigate,” Nick explained at the show on December 7. A cannon-like head. Nick and Alyssa took Zen to the doctor, hoping that his problem was “normal.” However, they found that he had fluid buildup and malignant tumors in his head. Zen had surgery to remove the tumor just a few weeks after birth.

Nick appeared Nick Cannon Show December 6th, but did not imply that there was something wrong with his personal life. It was the next day that he shared the tragedy of his family. Alyssa hasn’t posted on Instagram for over a month, but her last photo featured Zen in Halloween costumes.

Nick explained his decision to return to work shortly after the child’s death and told viewers that “it can’t be healed until it feels.” He also argued that the episode would be a “life celebration” for his young child, whose life was cut too short.

Zen dies of brain tumor – Hollywood Life

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