Yvette Nicole Brown, Art Spigel talk ‘Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest’ with the cast of ‘ZOMBIES’ – Fresno, California


Fresno, California 2021-12-02 13:43:33 –

New York-What if an executive producer who loves dodgeball teams up with one of the most fun hosts ever? It’s “Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest”!

“I was crazy about the idea of ​​professional dodgeball,” said executive producer Art Spigel. “I love fun. I think I love these oversized goofy games that we all can play. In my job, I put everyone’s inner child on the channel and let everyone play and have fun. I think they often try to make them forget. Their daily worries. “

According to Spigel, in this year’s special, the “Zombies” franchise star, led by host Yvette Nicole Brown, will take on some incredible new epic challenges.

“We really had to play Star Wars and Toy Story in ways never before,” he said.
Miro Manheim, Kylee Russell, Meg Donnelly and Trevor Tordjman will be divided into two teams to compete with each other in a high stakes holiday adventure.

“They are so games for everything I threw their way, some of it was a bit strange and scary or unexpected, the fact that some of the parks came back to life unexpectedly, so they I was really ready to play the game, and they gave it all, “Brown said.

“Obviously they were big fans of Disney and they were really themselves. The beauty of this was that they didn’t have any lines because it was a real competition, they do nothing There was never, we really dropped them into Disney World so they were able to do this adventure. “

They need to find a piece of the holiday star that Maleficent is hiding around the park. Once reassembled and put back on the tree, the magic is restored to Disney Park.

“The challenge itself was, in fact, to enable players to step into these stories and the world in ways never before, or in ways guests couldn’t,” he said. Told.

Brown said he jumped at the chance to attend this Disney special.

“Whenever Disney asks me for something, it’s absolutely true, but I love the holiday season, to celebrate the magic of Disney Resort, to be part of something to celebrate the 50th anniversary, and Behind the scenes, you can see some, it was great as the cast of “zombies” passed through these wonderful parts of the park, “Brown said.

“Yvette was great, she brought a lot of fun energy to the show,” Spigel said. “We shot every action at Disney World. Yvette helped put everything together and make sure everything was flowing.”

“He’s very kind because I say the same thing about him!” Brown said.

Stars pass through various obstacles set during Walt Disney World attractions in Hollywood Studios.

“Even though I knew a little about what their next challenge would be, I felt like a fan when I saw it unfold,” Brown said.

Don’t miss the “Disney Holiday Magic Quest” on the Disney Channel at 7pm EST / PST on Friday, December 3rd. You can also stream with Disney +.

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Yvette Nicole Brown, Art Spigel talk ‘Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest’ with the cast of ‘ZOMBIES’ Source link Yvette Nicole Brown, Art Spigel talk ‘Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest’ with the cast of ‘ZOMBIES’

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