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    Your company is watching you – TechCrunch

    Call it public service advertising and start the year. If IT works for a slightly vague start-up, the risk is higher if the company is established and the policy is evolving as the organization evolves rapidly. Your employer usually acts quickly, does things, and asks for permission later. It makes almost intuitive sense. Early-stage startups generally don’t have junk with them and are running at tremendous speeds. Is it legal? That’s not the case, of course, but in many startup circles, if a company fails, it looks like an attitude that it’s an issue. And if it grows at the speed of a top-notch fast-growing company, well, you’ll have enough money and a lawyer to figure it out later.

    This article is inspired by a conversation with a few startup employees who almost certainly don’t want to be named in a company you’ve heard of. I couldn’t get enough supporting information to name the company (don’t worry, I’ll keep trying). So far, there are some annual reminders here as we’ve all jumped into bright eyes and a bushy tail in 2022.

    Note what you say in Slack’s company – DM may feel private, but did you know that? Company admins can export all DMs sent so far With a Slack instance? Of course, there may be laws prohibiting the export of data, but if you discuss something illegal or immoral in a DM, it’s as hard as explaining how your boss made a copy of your data. Will do. DM. Two mistakes are not correct. If a suspicious, enthusiastic IT officer decides to dig into something, he may sue his employer, which can easily be avoided by continuing personal discussions. Work talk to personal channels, and work channels. of course, Even your text may not stay private, But at least there are higher standards for accessing them.And if you are especially delusional, you know, there is always signal also telegram, With an expired message.

    Your boss can monitor your company’s equipment – Contracts often include provisions about how or not you can use the equipment provided by your company. Some of them are obvious — don’t do anything illegal — but others are more ambiguous. That’s all good, but read the contract carefully. There may be words that your company is allowed to monitor what you are doing on your computer. I don’t think it sounds particularly innocent, but many contracts use it diagonally. There are many companies in the world signing contracts that AI tools are becoming more and more powerful, tracked and completely cool (AktivTrak, ActiveOps, VeratioYou can create software that can monitor you (to give just a few examples) and your employer can install them on your computer with varying degrees of stealth and permission from you.

    Used by more than 9,000 organizations, AktivTrak uses its tools to “see detailed logs of user activity and security events to better understand what happened by whom, and at the same time ensure compliance. We can provide insights to ensure. ” I don’t know you, but I feel safe. (screenshot: AktivTrak website).

    HR is not on your side – Your company’s human resources department may be friendly, helpful and lovely. They may do their best to solve problems in the workplace, but they are not on your side. HR works for a company.. They are there to protect the interests of the company. And even if your interests and the interests of the company are in conflict, people working at HR pay invoices, no matter how friendly they are. their The boss after you quit, get fired, or otherwise move around the company. And, as James Artucher points out in his column, Eventually they will fire you..

    You do not owe your loyalty to the company – Especially in the United States, many jobs are “free will”. In other words, you can be fired at any time for any reason, and as long as the company can afford it, it will continue to be hired and contribute. The bottom line. This is a benevolent world, especially for start-ups, as goals and goals can move from board to board. For a month, the engineering department is all and the last of a company’s lifeline. However, the amount of money in your bank account and funding environment can change rapidly, and everything can change the following month. Leadership may want to push the company into KPIs and focus solely on growth and customer acquisition, especially when things get tougher. In that world, engineering is less important in the short term, and suddenly advertising and sales operations become top priorities. Even good leaders with a solid long-term vision can be forced to make sudden changes. Loyalty in the professional world is a myth that benefits only employers. If they need to let you go, they will, so when the recruiter knocks, answer the phone to see how you are priced in the market.

    Don’t stop – – As a general rule, it’s best to resist if someone in your manager or HR is trying to stop you on your own initiative. Don’t stop! Many mechanisms (including unemployment benefits in some states) Applies only if you are dismissed.. If you quit, especially if you sign a contract that promises not to sue the company, your options will be significantly weakened in the future.

    Did HR use Slack DM messages or emails for you? I’m currently talking to many startup employees at several different companies. I want to hear from you.Find me in

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