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By explaining how zombies are real, Acadiana’s Episcopal School senior Anil Kakodkar was able to win college scholarships and up to $ 250,000 in his school’s new lab. rice field.

Zombie in question — Accidentally folded Prion protein — Can be found Inside humans and other animalsInstead of shuffling the craving for the human body and brain, Cacodcar explains in his video entry Breakthrough Junior Challenge..

Zombie prions can attach to other prions and accidentally fold, much like a zombie bites a human into an undead member, and these zombied prions can harden together. increase. The mass, known as amyloid, can fall apart and destroy brain function, says teens.

A total of 234 high school students from Louisiana, more than half of whom are from the New Orleans region, have been selected as National Merit Semifinalists.

ESA seniors hope his humorous and informative video will lead him to the top at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. In global competition, teens aged 13-18 challenge to creatively break down life sciences, physics, and math concepts into videos of up to 3 minutes. ..

Cacodcar found competition in the spring of 2020 when looking for a free-time dealership for the state’s first COVID-19 home order. He said he was obsessed with the creativity of past participants and their ability to explain complex topics. His stop-motion video explaining the mRNA vaccine didn’t make any progress, but he was caught in the premise of the contest.

“I think science communication is important because I’ve seen more than ever that science and the general public are really inextricably linked,” said Teen.

The Truman Early Childhood Education Center is heading for a complete physical overhaul after the Lafayette Parish Board of Education unanimously voted …

Cacodcar said he first touched on the prion idea in a discussion with a now retired French teacher, not in a science class.Educator could not donate blood for Restrictions on blood donation by the US Food and Drug Administration People who lived in the United Kingdom and Europe from the 1980s to the early 2000s, and other related restrictions.

Reasoning is tied to prions. Mad cow disease, Bovine degenerative neurological disease is prion disease and has a human counterpart. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA, humans can get sick by consuming meat from sick cows. In Europe, mad cow disease surged during that period.

The teen quickly associated the prion with his favorite horror and zombie, one of the sci-fi movie sub-genres. When the idea was clicked, his intuition showed that his analogy could resonate with the audience. This video has a little more of his favorite zombie movie, “Train to Busan,” than his class chemistry documentary.

A group of Lafayette high school students want to take a bike adaptation kit for people with disabilities they created for the international …

“I like zombie movies. I immediately thought about them: COVID, murderous wasps, what could happen next? Zombie Apocalypse,” he said.

A 16-year-old kid uses peer-reviewed research, video lectures, and interaction with scientists to determine the scientific basis of the video, and his 14-year-old brother carries out the plan, which is easy to explain and graphic. I confirmed that. Grasp.

“In order to convey science effectively, we need something that appeals to the eyes and the heart. I can’t spit out a lot of complex words that just sound wise and don’t make sense. That artistic element is what I do. It’s something I can’t explore very often, and I think it gave me the opportunity to understand how really interdisciplinary science is, “said Cacodcar.

Last year was the year Lafayette’s 19-year-old Caroline Maryman rode a roller coaster.

Cacodcar estimates that he spent more than 200 hours creating videos, from January scripting to the summer weeks of filming, editing, and animation. Teens spent their time learning and working on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve techniques, with a tight schedule of which parts of the video they would work on each day.

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While his work schedule is focused, the 16-year-old tells a story with ominous lighting, sound effects, puns, and his shots, maintaining the tone of his film with a focus on humor and engagement. Did.

“I think the best comedy element is unscripted. Planning jokes has some appeal, but I think comedy appeal comes from my video editing. I say. Let’s — I look cheerful in this frame, why don’t I zoom in and take a fascinating shot of myself? I think it’s important to keep people interested. ” Said Cacodcar.

École Saint-Landry of the French Immersion Charter School has opened its doors to students in their first class at sunset this week.

Each video is judged by lighting, difficulty, creativity and engagement. The public gets a say in those who advance to the final round by popularity vote. This allows people to “vote” by giving. Something like a video of their favorite semi-finalists on the Breakthrough Junior Challenge Facebook page or other positive reactions.. The deadline for popularity voting is Monday.

If Cacodcar wins, he will receive $ 250,000 as a scholarship to the institution of his choice and $ 50,000 in prize money for the nominated educator. ESA Chemistry Teacher Rachel Snyder$ 100,000 to support the school’s new scientific laboratory.

“It’s going to be huge,” Snyder said of the potential bounty.

ESA educators acted as a source of ideas for Cacodcar, raising interest in zombie angles and providing advice on choosing reliable research sources.

Faced with a skilled shortage of campus technology inventory expansion and repairs, St. Martinville High School …

Snider has seen teens grow from freshmen on the ESA Quiz Bowl team to friendly, fun, enthusiastic and supportive seniors who lead the campus. Chemistry teachers are more important than the chances of winning the message that Cacodcar is sending to their peers. Embrace creativity and chase what you are passionate about.

It celebrates learning for learning, she said.

“I think one of the things we lose as students grow up is that they are as interested in things as they are in the lower grades and can’t learn about things. When they are in the lower grades, I We can do these fun projects with them on the side tangent. By the time we enter high school, it’s about GPA and college admission, and about test grades, “says ESA educators.

Cacodcar has learned skills such as patience, time management, patience, acting proactively, acting independently, and exploring passion, which he has learned since he entered the ESA as an eighth grader. He said it helped him succeed in admission.

There aren’t many brothers like Hall. In just four years, Ki’Ara, Tyreke and Maleke Hall all graduated from Acadiana High School as follows …

“I’ve done something with what the ESA taught me, whether I won or not, and it’s invaluable,” he said.

The 16-year-old is still planning his next step after graduation. He plans to earn a college degree and is considering a program that takes an interdisciplinary approach to science. Cacodcar said he loves to see the different ways science interacts with the larger world.

For teens, the joy of science is that it is a process of seeking truth with considerable freedom.

“There is a methodology to something, but there are always multiple routes to get somewhere, and I think it’s a beautiful part of science. There’s no step to do something every time. Take the initiative and be your own. We are designing our own paths to create procedures, discover something, and learn about something, “he said.

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You could help this ESA senior get to the finals of an international video competition | Education Source link You could help this ESA senior get to the finals of an international video competition | Education

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