You can immediately see the payment in New York job listings


Starting this spring, New York City will require employers to list the minimum and maximum salaries for classified ads. This is an obligation that has already been opposed by the corporate group.

Under the new city law, which will come into force on May 15, companies will need to disclose expected salary ranges that employers “in good faith” believe to pay for each advertised job, promotion, or transfer opportunity. there is.

Almost all employers employed in the city are subject to the law. Only people with less than 4 employees or dispatched labor companies that employ temporary staff are excluded. Companies that do not comply may be fined or face other civil penalties.

Aiming to address wage gaps between men and women and increase wage transparency, this measure is the latest step in expanding wage disclosure requirements in states such as Rhode Island and Connecticut. This happens as the workforce continues to be scarce in the United States and can empower employees even more if many are already in an improved position in work options and negotiations.

In response to Similar law in Colorado It went into effect last year, from employers

Johnson & Johnson

To the giant of commercial real estate

CBRE Group Ltd

Specified in the post Remote work was closed to people living in the stateAllows companies to bypass disclosure requirements.

Employment experts say New York law may be more important because of New York’s economic size and the number of major US companies operating there.Banks such as

Goldman Sachs Group Ltd

There are hundreds of open jobs in the city, as are hedge funds, law firms, media companies, and giants such as:

alphabet Of a corporation

With google

Estee Lauder


The New York City Council passed the bill in December and was enacted in January after Mayor Eric Adams denied the opportunity to exercise his veto.


Amir Hamja / Bloomberg News

In addition to giving job seekers a better understanding of what roles can pay, the rules give existing employees insight into rival wage practices while giving their wages an open role. Allows you to compare with the range mentioned in.

“That’s a big deal,” said Ian Carlton Schaefer, chairman of New York’s employment and labor practices at law firm Robe & Robe. “Companies must get used to wage-determining methods along the equity line very quickly.”

The new law has surprised some employers, including legal and business professionals. The New York City Council passed the bill in December and was enacted in January after Mayor Eric Adams denied the opportunity to exercise his veto. We have amended the city’s administrative law to make it an “illegal discriminatory practice” so that job advertisements do not include wage coverage.

A business group like the Partnership for New York City. Its members include companies such as:

JPMorgan Chase

& Co.When

International business machine Ltd

We oppose the law, even if they say they support efforts to promote higher wage transparency and gender equality.

Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the New York City Partnership, said the move would raise awareness that New York is at a disadvantage to the business. Many employers are worried that not all companies have a wage range for each occupation, so it can be burdensome and time-consuming to implement salary disclosures, she said.

“That’s the wrong solution,” Wylde said. “It should never have been allowed to pass.”

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The partnership plans to encourage the city to delay the enforcement of the law. A spokesperson for Mayor Adams did not respond to a request for comment on the timing of the action.

New York City banned private employers in 2017 From putting pressure on job seekers to disclose their salary historyAnd states such as California, Washington, and Colorado have recently enacted similar equal pay for equal work laws.

The New York City Human Rights Commission, which enforces human rights law, initially said it would help businesses and employees understand the city’s new salary rules.

“Our immediate goal is not to impose penalties, but to educate and cooperate with the city’s business community while allowing individuals who have experienced discrimination to be compensated for damages,” the Commission said. Sapuna V. Large, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Law, said. In his statement, the executive office.

The Commission receives complaints from the general public about whether job ads meet the requirements of the law and conducts its own tests and investigations to investigate potential violations, Raj said.

Raj said the law requires employers to post realistic salary ranges, and the Commission can take steps to ensure that. The law does not define a realistic scope.

Some employers have already begun disclosing salaries to applicants. Textio Inc., a company whose software analyzes job listings and makes recommendations for improving them, began including compensation information in all external job listings this year. The company’s employees work remotely from nine states, including New York.

In a statement, Jackie Clayton, vice president of talent acquisition and diversity, equity and inclusion at Textio, said the company wanted a “leader” in transparency both internally and within the industry.

In recent years, some applicants for work have welcomed prior information about potential salaries.

Michael Tjaden, 26, who lives in New York, said he applied for hundreds of jobs last year and found the process inefficient. In one case, the employer did not disclose salary information until the multi-step interview process was completed, and offered a job that paid about half of what Tjaden expected. “If I knew the range, I wouldn’t have wasted my time both times,” he said.

Labor lawyer Schaefer also said he expects existing employees to look at the jobs offered by their company and determine where their wages are within their salary range. It could put pressure on the manager, and the employee asked, “Why am I not reaching the upper limit of the range?”

Many companies have conducted salary audits in recent years, but Schaefer hopes that measures such as New York will reassess whether companies are happy with their salary range and where people fall into. Said that.

“It’s all there,” he said. “The curtain has been pulled back.”

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You can immediately see the payment in New York job listings

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