Yield Farming in a Bear Market (Earn with DeFi in Any Market)


Bitcoin has dropped significantly over the past several weeks, which has people worrying about whether we could be entering a bearish period like we saw in mid 2021. On this channel, I don’t predict market cycles; I discuss ways to earn passive income with DeFi, regardless of the market cycle. In this video, I discuss some strategies that I’ll use in the event that we do enter a bear market.

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0:00 Market Conditions
2:07 Opportunities in a Bear Market
3:04 Earning with Stablecoins
4:08 Anchor Protocol Offers 20% on UST
4:50 Earning with Blue Chip Cryptos
6:15 Examples of Blue Chips
8:28 Reinvesting Yield into Cryptos with Growth Potential
9:45 Portfolio Example on Osmosis
11:23 Curve Tricrypto
11:55 Beethoven Pools



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