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    Yaya DaCosta Has a Wash Day Routine That Involves Whole Foods Shampoo and Making Her Own Gel

    So how does Yaya DaCosta maintain everything?Of this edition Wash Day Diary, She will introduce her favorite products to keep Karl healthy and moisturized.


    I wash my hair once a week on average. If you decide to wash, give a scalp treatment in advance if you have time. Take a little oil and apply it to your scalp. It is usually a mixture of ingredients that irritate the scalp, as it may be like a base of castor oil plus tea tree or cayenne. These ingredients stimulate and rejuvenate the scalp and promote hair growth.

    Castor oil USDA organic cold press


    I tend to use simpler brands, such as those purchased at Whole Foods and health food stores. When I lived in my hometown of New York, I used it the day before Carrolls Daughter’s products exploded into a huge brand. I went to a small little store in Brooklyn to get a variety of shampoos and hair moisturizers.

    Goddess Strengthening Shampoo


    Use conditioner immediately after shampooing. My favorite thing is to actually soak it. It uses the same brand as Whole Foods shampoo. I have a lot of thick hair and I like to be completely saturated with conditioner so I have to buy bottles and bottles. If you have time, tie it with a knot, cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag, cover it with a head wrap, and do the day’s errands for a few hours. Leave it on everywhere for 1 to 5 hours. I don’t like wet heads outside the cold, so I don’t tend to do that much in winter. But if the weather is warm enough, I like to do it.

    Purezero Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner


    Then when I enter to untangle, it’s very slippery and very easy. Sometimes you use a brush like the Denman brush, but sometimes you use a tangle teaser to use a small section, especially if you use a twist-out or blade. Then I rinse it over and over again to make sure all the products are out.

    Hair oil / gel

    Add oil. I usually like camellia seed oil. I like argan oil. Castor oil is so thick that you can just apply it to your scalp, not your actual hair. I also like shea seed oil. I just make sure it is very moisturized and the oil is trapped in the moisture.

    I make flaxseed oil myself. I’ve been doing that for years. There are many that have that slip effect. The main ingredient is flaxseed, and there are many other unique ingredients. From time to time, add everything that is slippery, such as marshmallow roots and slippery elm, and use it as a gel. If you do it right, it’s much easier on hair. Adding a small amount of oil will not come off even if you are changing style and do not want to wash the product. It can be reactivated with water and then reset again.

    Curl cream

    If I have a twist, one of my favorite products is the cream that defines the curl of the Jane Carter solution. I like to use it. The main feature of my product is that it cannot cope with strong odors. The first thing I do when shopping in the store is to make sure the container opens enough to smell the product. I can’t do anything sweet, fruity, or flower-like. I will try using unscented. I think Jane Carter’s products are very versatile and mild in terms of fragrance.

    Jane Carter Solution Curl Definition Cream

    Paulina Jayne Isaac is a Philadelphia-based editor and freelance writer. You can follow her on Instagram @ paulinajayne15.

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