Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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    Xi warns about the “Cold War” sector as the United States rebuilds its alliance

    Xi Jinping warned Asia-Pacific leaders to participate in Joe Biden’s plan to strengthen the alliance to counter China’s economic and military rise.

    The Chinese president said Thursday that attempts to “draw an idealistic line” or “form a small circle for geopolitical reasons” must fail.

    “The Asia-Pacific region cannot and should not recur in Cold War conflicts and divisions,” Xi told the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit virtual summit.

    Xi warned in the signs that the relationship between Beijing and Washington would break.

    Biden has taken a strict approach to China since taking office. Criticize beijing For military operations around Taiwan control About the democratization movement in Hong Kong and the treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Beijing responded by accusing the Biden administration of interfering with China’s strategic interests.

    However, leaders from the two most important countries in the world are expected to host a virtual summit by the end of the year. And on Wednesday, Biden and the West Climate Envoy Rare joint declaration Cooperate in climate change at the UN COP26 Summit in Glasgow.

    But on Thursday, U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that as part of the competition with China’s economic strength, the U.S. will have a new “framework” for U.S. economic involvement with other countries in the region. Suggested that they are working on.

    “Is it in the realm of supply chains, at the intersection of climate and trade, in the digital realm, in the realm of investment screening and export control? Traditionally not part of trade agreements. Across many areas.

    “I believe we have the potential to put together a comprehensive vision and coordinate a number of countries around it,” Sullivan said after speaking to the Australian think tank Lowy Institute.

    Sullivan’s remarks were emphasized Challenges facing the Biden administration At the same time as improving US-China relations, it is trying to formulate an alliance that will challenge Beijing directly.

    When asked why the United States signed the so-called Oaks Alliance, Sullivan emphasized the government’s intention to win even greater cooperation from its allies.

    “The president wanted to say not only to Australia but to the world. If you are a strong friend, ally and partner and you bet with us, we will bet with you. When it comes to rhetoric, it’s about a statement to put money in your mouth, “he said.

    Aukus’ strategic agreement announced in September by the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia elicited a keen reaction from France, which lost billions of dollars in submarine deals with Australia when Canberra announced that it would buy ships from the United States instead. rice field.

    Sullivan is in the United States Diplomatic fallout With France.But he did not comment on whether the Biden administration was happy with the method. Canberra processed Aukus announcement..

    Xi warns about the “Cold War” sector as the United States rebuilds its alliance

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