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Xbox and Special Olympics hold first ‘Gaming for Inclusion’ esports event – TechCrunch

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Games are generally towards accessibility, but not so much in esports, which is as competitive as other sports and is somewhat exclusive in nature. Xbox and Special Olympics are working together on a new event that combines competition and inclusion and is currently underway.

This week, Special Olympics athletes Rocket league, Madden NFL22, When Forza Motorsports 7.. In addition to fame and pride, the award also co-stars with one of Special Olympics celebrity supporters: NBA Superstar Jayson Tatum, NFL Legend Jamal Charles, and WWE Superstars.

“This tournament is a meaningful and important step in making esports more accessible and provides Special Olympics athletes with a new way to compete,” said Jenn Panattoni, head of Xbox Social Impact. increase. “Xbox has invested in a number of accessibility features and products, including features such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller, co-pilot and voice recognition. The purpose of this ongoing work feels welcomed by players. , Make sure you belong to the Xbox platform. “

The tournament is currently being recorded and will air for the rest of the week, along with a “Celebrity Showcase” on Saturday.You can check the schedule at the bottom of This mailboxBut in general just keep an eye on Xbox Twitch channel When Special Olympics YouTube Channel..

Accessibility has long been put off in the gaming world, so I would like to emphasize these events. Today, developers, publishers and partners are making great strides in improving things. Microsoft’s XAC is a great example, with a wealth of up-to-date visual, audio, and difficulty options. Ratchet & crank game. Esports is arguably one of the areas that needs more diversity, and the players who participated were happy to participate. I asked Special Olympics Jose Moreno and Colton Rice for their thoughts on this issue.

Do you think competitive games are becoming more accessible?

Rice: Competitive games are definitely more accessible. Not only is the game more accessible, but accessibility also allows people with disabilities to become more competitive players. People with intellectual disabilities are always trying their best to compete. We want to do what everyone else is doing, but sometimes we need a little help to make it happen.

Moreno: I think that competitive games will be easier to use because Microsoft has made a video game controller accessible to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. I’m a lifelong gamer, and accessibility in esports is transforming the game. Accessible games weren’t available when I was growing up. Today, it’s a lot of fun to play because you can play with friends of all abilities and everyone can participate.

Special Olympics athlete Colton Rice, left, Jose Moreno.

How are you experiencing that change?

Moreno: In my opinion, the more people with intellectual disabilities are in the video game industry, the better the video game community knows how they like to play video games like everyone else. Will be. And through events like Gaming for Inclusion, I can’t just compete. I am a part of the welcomed and participating gamer community.

Rice: People with intellectual disabilities have skills and pay attention to details. When we decide to do something, we practice to the best we can. Especially when you enjoy it. This includes games. People with disabilities need more time to learn, but when they’re focused on their passion, they don’t stop until they succeed.

What do you want to see more from developers, publishers, etc.?

Moreno: From video game general or computer game developers, manufacturers, or publishers, we want to include more people with intellectual disabilities in our video game workforce. People with intellectual disabilities can play a variety of roles and provide a unique perspective on how to improve the gaming experience. Publishers and developers can get a different perspective than people with disabilities. Does it feature people with intellectual disabilities as depicted in their story, or do they see them in the game itself? We want to get involved in this process and there are a lot of passionate gamers with intellectual disabilities who want to get involved in their actual work as focus groups and creators in the industry.

Rice: The companies that make these games are trying to make high quality games that everyone can enjoy. There’s still a lot you can do to make your game more accessible. For example, it can be frustrating for a gamer with intellectual disabilities to learn a new game with hard-to-read instructions. It can take hours to learn how to play a new version of a game that you’ve been playing for years. This does not mean that people with intellectual disabilities cannot play or compete. That means we need better accessibility tools to help us learn.

If a game company wants to create an accessible and comprehensive game, it can include gamers with intellectual disabilities in the creation process to create or test “easy-to-read” or beginner instructions, or between different levels of the game. You can benefit from finding ways to simplify your navigation. The game can build a community and reach people who feel left behind. Accessibility makes it fun for everyone.

This competition and other events in online games were essential to keeping the Special Olympics community connected and active over the difficult years.

“Special Olympics has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and is of great value to athletes and families in the Special Olympics movement,” said Prianka Nandy, Chief Information Technology Officer at the organization. “At the COVID-19 pandemic, our main concern was the safety and health of athletes, one of the most vulnerable populations with harmful or catastrophic consequences from the virus. This is held annually. Thousands of face-to-face events and competitions have been canceled and postponed, which means athletes have missed connections and opportunities to experience the joy of being with their teammates, coaches and friends. Our goal is to raise awareness of the Special Olympics movement and the achievements, hopes and dreams of great athletes, to change the attitude towards people with intellectual disabilities within the gaming community, and to be inclusive for everyone. “

Xbox and Special Olympics hold first ‘Gaming for Inclusion’ esports event – TechCrunch Source link Xbox and Special Olympics hold first ‘Gaming for Inclusion’ esports event – TechCrunch

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