World’s worst boss fired me for evacuating the building during a wildfire


BOSS was accused of dismissing an employee who had evacuated from an office building during a wildfire.

Workers living in CaliforniaThey claimed they were only following the protocol and were afraid to be homeless.


One employee claimed to have been fired after evacuating an office building during a wildfire.

A US employee issued a long statement about Reddit a year ago, suggesting that his boss had been targeted for a month.

They write: “Basically, a lot is happening and I’m doing my best.”

“But every day, my boss jumps off his neck about a small” mistake. “

“Every day since I started, there are emails that mistakenly burn me from before I get to the office (including three times that day) to where my boss is clearly enjoying.”

Employees were then on the list of some suspicious “mistakes”, including their decision to evacuate the building in the event of a storm “after receiving a direct order.”

They also have problems with their boss working from home (despite a pandemic mission), untrained during a wildfire, and lazy when an IT glitch occurs. Claimed to have been accused.

In search of rest, a desperate employee suggested she sought help from the personnel department, but they found it helpless to squeeze her “grumpy” boss.

They added:

“But I’m really stressed by the idea that if I lose this job, I’ll be homeless, so I don’t want to improve.”

Employees later revealed in a comment that she had been dismissed from work-a great deal of disappointment for Reddit users in comments that described the worker’s experience as “sad.”

The alleged evacuation incident occurred at the end of the year when California’s toughest wildfire season was seen in modern history.

In August 2020, California declared a state of emergency after extreme temperatures caused more fires, many of which were caused by lightning strikes.

The state had to deal with a major power outage as the inhabitants desperately turned on the air conditioner.

By the end of the year, 9,917 fires had destroyed 4,397,809 acres. That’s more than 4 percent of the state’s approximately 100 million acres of land.

California has declared a heat wave emergency as a 3.3m home faces a power outage and the condition on the 130th floor contributes to a wildfire.

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World’s worst boss fired me for evacuating the building during a wildfire Source link World’s worst boss fired me for evacuating the building during a wildfire

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