Workers say the boss of a candle factory in Kentucky threatened to fire people who fled the tornado | Kentucky


Workers at a candle factory in Kentucky tell their manager, Deadly tornado I hit a barrel at them last weekend – but they say they were told they would be fired if they left their post.

Barrage of tornado Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said Tuesday that 12 children, including a two-month-old baby, had died in the surrounding states. A total of 74 people died in Kentucky, with the oldest victim being 98 years old. Eight have not yet been identified. More than 18,000 homes remained out of power on Tuesday.

We believe that Storm is “the most powerful tornado set we’ve ever seen in Kentucky and probably one of the most devastating tornado events in US history,” Bescher said. “Things” was created.

The dead included eight people at a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, and became rubble. Initially there was concern that candle factory deaths would be much higher, but a spokesman for a company said Monday that the remaining 102 workers who were working at the time were alive and explained. Stated.

Multiple employees at Mayfield Consumer Products Factory Told NBC News When they first heard the tornado warning siren, they evacuated to the bathroom and hallway, and then when they mistakenly assumed that the danger had passed, the supervisor ordered them to return to work.

“I asked to leave, and they told me I would be fired,” 20-year-old Elijah Johnson told NBC.

“Are you still going to fire me in these weather?” He said asking the manager.

The manager replied “yes,” Johnson said, adding that his boss made a roll call to see if anyone had already left.

Images of the wreckage of a scented candle factory, one of the largest employers in western Kentucky, have come to symbolize the devastation caused by an unseasonable tornado that killed dozens of people in several states. ..Already some Question why the factory is operating That night.

Factory workers’ claims cast an even darker shadow on the evening events. According to the NBC, citing another night shift worker, there was a three- to four-hour stagnation between the first alarm sounding and the arrival of the tornado that leveled the building, with 110 workers sent home. She said she should have been, but not. t.

Haley Conder, 29, said she was one of many employees who re-contacted the three managers around 9 pm when the alarm went off twice.

“‘You can’t leave, you can’t leave. You have to stay here,” Conder said the manager told the group. “The situation was bad. Everyone was uncomfortable.”

21-year-old McKeira Emery, who was interviewed by NBC from a hospital bed, said she heard a group receiving similar answers early in the evening.

“People were wondering if they could leave or go home,” Emery said she wanted to stay to earn overtime. “‘If you leave, you’re likely to be fired,’ she said to them.” I heard it with my ears. “

The Guardian was unable to solicit comments from Mayfield Consumer Products representatives on Tuesday, but the company has denied the allegations, according to NBC.

“That’s definitely not true. We’ve been implementing policies since the beginning of Covid. Employees can quit whenever they want and can come back the next day,” said a company spokesperson. Man, Bob Ferguson, said.

According to Ferguson, managers tell employees that leaving the shift puts their work at risk, and that company owners follow emergency protocols from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. I didn’t tell.

Workers say the boss of a candle factory in Kentucky threatened to fire people who fled the tornado | Kentucky

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