Workers enjoy a sense of power as employers scramble to fill their jobs


Increased salary increases, contracts and flexibility. In a historically tight labor market, more workers are feeling and bending their strengths.

U.S. timed Resignation of 4.5 million workers In November, it reached a record high smoking cessation rate. As the economy continues to recover, workers are empowered to look for new opportunities, knowing that demand is higher than ever.

Andrew McGregor, a 41-year-old IT security expert in Tampa, Florida, said, “People are aware that this is a long-standing opportunity for employees to appear to have some power. “. His job if he can get a raise big enough to make it worth it between him. Shortly thereafter, he landed and quit 30% more offers than he had done.

According to the report, more than 80% of American workers say that the pandemic has made their personal and professional goals clearer. Recent research According to human resource service company Randstad NV. They also say they have higher expectations for their employers and 77% want more work flexibility.

“I refuse to accept a mere position,” said 27-year-old Oklahoma City’s 27-year-old Micah Worcester, who left retail last fall, tired of customer abuse. “I’m really looking for what I want to do,” she says.

Labor shortages have forced businesses to close or save time, especially in sectors that have been hit by retail and hospitality, and employers are raising wages to attract workers and new ones such as health care and education benefits. We are offering benefits. The average hourly wage in December rose 4.7% year-on-year, well above the pre-pandemic wage growth rate of about 3%. Other industries that are in high demand for their products and services, such as technology and professional services, including consulting firms, are also raising expectations.

Server for Gotham restaurant in New York. In labor shortage sectors such as retail and hospitality, employers are raising wages and offering new benefits.


Britainy Newman / Associated Press

“The market is very hot and there is a lot of inflation when it comes to compensation,” said Paul Knopp, US Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KPMGLLP, a professional services company. With 34,000 US-based employees, KPMG has historically raised salaries, reduced medical insurance premiums by 10%, and expanded benefits, including twice a year. Company-wide break It gives workers at least 9 consecutive days off.

Given the optimistic view of the current CEO, Recent KPMG survey Of the 400 CEOs of large US companies, 86% were found to be confident in their growth prospects. Knopp predicts that the employment market will remain tight for several years, perhaps even longer.

Companies have averaged 3.9% of total salary, according to a recent The Conference Board report. Wages go up This year is the largest surge since 2008. Nearly 40% of respondents say that rising inflation, which offset the rise in workers in recent months, influenced their decision.

Melissa Swift, US transformation leader at consulting firm Mercer LLC, employs regular staff surveys as well as salaries to seek feedback and seek ways to improve worker retention, including career development and cultural focus. It states that it is doing.

For workers like Matt Conners in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, a flexible working culture is indisputable. 33-year-old Connors recently quit his job in software engineering after he and his colleagues were required to return to the office. They were dissatisfied with being called back after months of proving how productive they were when working from home. “The writing was on the wall,” he says. He quickly found a new job that would allow him to work permanently remotely for a 10% higher price.

Confidence in institutions has recently declined amid political turmoil and pandemics, according to an annual report. Trust barometer survey Public relations company Edelman surveyed more than 36,000 people in 28 countries. Still, workers are optimistic about collective action.

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Of the 15,000 employees Edelman surveyed on worker and employer confidence, 69% said they would reflect their values ​​to their employers and take a strong stance on social issues supported by the CEO. He said he wanted to be willing. Also, 56% believe that a large number of employees with strong internal pressure can force an organization to change almost everything about themselves.

Workers have been active in the United States over the past year as many employees have taken action on racial equality following the killing of George Floyd, unions have attacked businesses and went on strike.




“It’s hot,” says Richard Edelman, CEO of the company. “I thought it was just a Gen Z phenomenon. It’s not.”

Trends are not limited to Western countries. According to the data, employees surveyed in India, China and Japan have also spoken about workplace problems and the start of the labor movement amid a labor shortage.

Many workers are switching companies, but others are overwhelming themselves, knowing that finding a job is okay if a single venture fails. From January to October last year, entrepreneurs applied for the registration of federal tax identification numbers for approximately 4.5 million new businesses.This is the same period in 2019 Maximum number In the record dating back to 2004.

Danielle McGregor, wife of a Tampa-based IT professional, quit her job with a 30% salary increase.Mr. McGregor quit his nursing job during a pandemic and is now


A business that sells digital planners. Recently, she says she earns an average of $ 4,500 a month. This is more than your income as a nurse. Their families can afford more vacations and meals. She is regularly asked for nursing offers, but she is not interested.

“We are very happy,” she says of her and her husband’s decision to resign.

Chen is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Philadelphia.Email her Catherine Dill, a journalist in New York, contributed to this article.

Journal Report Details: Outlook 2022

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Workers enjoy a sense of power as employers scramble to fill their jobs

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