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    Wordle turns word game fans into controversial strategic geeks

    Wordle, an online word game once a day, has taken the world by storm. The believer is currently discussing how best to play it.

    Some people are rushing to the website to play in front of others. Others have spent hours discussing strategies online with friends, family and strangers. Some have gone to extreme length by creating a spreadsheet to analyze the best way to play.

    According to London psychologists, Sam Sheridan plays Wardle at midnight in bed the moment the new game falls.

    The game is simple. There are six chances to guess the five-letter secret word of the day. When you enter a word as a guess, the game will show you which letters are included or not included in the word. The game is free and has no ads. The purpose is to understand the secret words with the fewest guesses.

    Fans usually have the first word of their favourite, so they can get the answer the fastest. Two groups emerged, one that first entered words with many vowels and one that chased common consonants.

    Sheridan first enters “occur” to remove three vowels at once. “I haven’t failed yet,” said a 30-year-old who started playing a week ago. He likes to make fun of his girlfriend Anna Taylor, who has no strategy at all. “I think it’s fun only if you can act instinctively and quickly,” says Taylor, 31, who works in clinical research. “His plot frustrates me!”

    Rebecca Power, 46, prefers more consonants on the first attempt and usually enters “steer”. She rejected those who thought there should be more A, E, I, O, or U in the first guess.

    “Words aren’t just made up of vowels,” said the Communications Director in Melbourne, Australia.

    Bertrand Fan, a software engineer in San Francisco, stood up behind the scenes of Wordle’s website.

    He looked up the code used to build the site and found a list of words used in the game. But he didn’t use it to cheat. “If I actually look up the answer every day, it would ruin the game,” he said. Instead, Mr. Huang used the list to find the most frequently repeated letters in the word.

    According to his analysis, E, A, R, O, T, L, I, and S were the most commonly used letters in the answer. He replaced the first favorite word “adieu” with “soare”. This means a young hawk.

    “I’ve never seen that word before,” said Hwang, 41.

    This game encouraged people to share their results online and helped them become viral. Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, tweeted his results last Tuesday to his 51.4 million followers. “Who else is playing #Wordle? Addiction,” he wrote. Three days later he posted an update. “I’m still crazy,” he said.

    Players paste the Wordle game onto social media.




    Green and yellow square sea timeline. In the game, guessing will change the color of the tiles and you will see how close you are to the secret words. Guess “tired” as instructed, and when the “W” turns green, the secret word begins with a W. If the E turns yellow, the letter is in the word, but it’s in the wrong place. The letters that turn gray are not included in the word.

    Stephen Geans, 52, started playing last week after seeing the green and yellow tweets. He talked with his friends about the best first words and settled on some of the “ratio”, “toner”, “tears” and “anger” as they contained the most commonly used letters in English. rice field.

    Then he realized he could do better. He created a google spreadsheet on Friday night and Saturday morning to find the best first word. Using an online list of 2,499 five-letter words, we have shown that the most commonly occurring letters are E, S, A, R, and O. He has now changed the first word to “occurrence”.

    “That’s clearly the best guess,” said Geens, Stockholm’s product designer.

    London-based Starling Bank Ltd. has turned the game into an ad. “The best bank in the UK?” Tweeted. The name of the rival was the wrong answer, but the word “sterling” was green. Oliver Mott, head of social media at the bank, said workers are fans of the game. “We couldn’t resist mocking up,” he said.

    JJ Edmondson has launched a Facebook group as a place to post Wordle results.


    JJ Edmondson

    JJ Edmondson launched the Facebook group last week as a place where people can post their results. About 170 people share Wordle scores, tips, clues and tricks. There is one important rule. “Don’t give the answer!” Written Edmondson, 53, a teacher in the town of Korumburra, Australia.

    One of the tricks she shares is how to get around Wordle’s once-daily game limit. She suggests that people look at Wordle’s website from past days and use Wayback Machine, an online internet archive that allows them to play older games.

    Ira Lilien, a retiree from New York, wants the game to have a timer to see if someone spent hours understanding the word. When he plays, he enters a word that contains S, T, E, or R. This is a character often used in another word game, Scrabble.

    Josh Wardle, the inventor of Wordle, is a software engineer in New York. He prototyped in 2013 and during a pandemic for a partner who liked to play word games.

    When technician Andy Baio posted a link to the game on his blog, it started in mid-November, Wardle said. Later, Mr. Wardle noticed that New Zealand fans posted the results in their own color boxes. So Wardle made it easy to share the results and things became viral. He said 1.8 million people played last Friday, compared to 90 on November 1, 2021.

    His email inbox is full of people explaining his strategy. He doesn’t know which is the best.

    “You are asking the wrong person,” he said. “I’m not very good at it.”

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    Wordle turns word game fans into controversial strategic geeks

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