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    Wokisha’s Christmas Parade: Investigators ask a man a question after a car speeds up in a crowd | Wisconsin

    Investigators were asking a man on Monday after a car crashed into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. Kill at least 5 people Injured more than 40 adults and children.

    Some of the murdered people were believed to be members of a group of “dancing grannies” who were entertaining the holiday crowds in the city of Walkisha, about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, on Sunday night.

    According to witnesses, teenage girls dancing in a marching band were also attacked as a red sport utility vehicle (SUV) ran through the parade.

    When the vehicle ran away, police officers fired at the driver. Authorities later announced that the “interested person” had been detained and the SUV had recovered.

    On Monday morning, law enforcement sources reported that the parade case had not been investigated in connection with domestic or international terrorism, believing that the driver had escaped from another crime scene or incident.

    In addition, according to CNN, the incident had nothing to do with the Friday incident, sources said. Kyle Rittenhouse acquittalHe was 17 years old when he killed two men and injured one in an anti-racist protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020. Kenosha is about 50 miles southeast of Waukesha.

    Reported by NBC An individual Walkisha SUV was involved in a knife battle in a nearby park shortly before the incident. Several media outlets citing law enforcement sources have identified the detained man as 39-year-old Darrell Brooks.

    Authorities were planning a press conference at lunch on Monday.

    “Some individuals were children, and some people died as a result of the incident,” Dan Thompson, the chief of the Warkisha Police Department, told reporters on Sunday.

    According to Thompson, 11 adults and 12 children were taken to the hospital, where others went their own way. Thompson refused to reveal details of the victim until his family was notified.

    However, Facebook post On Monday, a group of Milwaukee Dancing Granny showed that some of their members had been killed.

    “It was a very passionate grandma who died. Their eyes were shining … the joy of being a grandma. They were glue … they united us,” the post said.

    “Our group had a parade in front of the crowd, smiling on the faces of all ages, filled with joy and happiness, and doing what they liked.”

    Witnesses describe the horrifying scene of a Ford SUV breaking through a barricade around 4:40 pm on Sunday, entering a parade route and speeding up towards performers, including school bands and groups of dancing kids. Did. One said the driver appeared to be turning left and right, apparently targeting those marches.

    Corey Montiho, a member of the Walkisha Board of Education, told Milwalky Journal Sentinel that the driver played on his daughter’s dance team, a white pompom, and attacked a group of girls aged 9 to 15 wearing Santa hats. rice field.

    “Pompoms, shoes, and spilled hot chocolate were everywhere. I had to move from a crumpled body to another to find my daughter,” he said. “My wife and two daughters were almost beaten. Please pray for you. Please pray.”

    The Washington Post reported that Montiho made eye contact with a man driving a car. He described him as “calm and calm.”

    “I saw my body, my child and my dad not breathing,” he said.

    Tony Evers, Wisconsin The governor ordered the flag with a half-mast.

    “Kathy and I are praying tonight for Walkisha and all the children, families, and members of the community affected by this pointless act,” Evers said.

    “Thanks to those who responded quickly to first responders. We are in touch with our local partners while we wait for more information.”

    The White House said Joe Biden has received the latest information.

    The city of Wokisha Community fund “Supporting the needs of affected families [the] A tragic event at the Christmas parade. “

    Many videos of the incident were posted on social media and investigators were watching them. One showed Toddler dancing on the street Speed ​​up just a few feet away before the SUV rushes into a participant hundreds of feet away.

    The other ends with a group of young dancers showing pompoms and caring for girls on the ground. The third catches a police officer firing on an SUV. Thompson said no one was hit by those shots.

    “Today, our community faced fear and tragedy as it was supposed to be a community celebration,” said Mayor Shawn Riley of Warkisha.

    “I’m deeply saddened to find that so many people in our community went to the parade and ended up dealing with injuries and heartaches.”

    The Associated Press contributed to this report

    Wokisha’s Christmas Parade: Investigators ask a man a question after a car speeds up in a crowd | Wisconsin

    Source link Wokisha’s Christmas Parade: Investigators ask a man a question after a car speeds up in a crowd | Wisconsin

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