Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    With the largest surge in the Upper Midwest, US Covid infections are on the rise again.US news

    Covid-19 infections in the United States are on the rise again, with daily case reports increasing by more than 20% in the upper Midwest, which could soon reach an average of 100,000 cases per day per week.

    A new exacerbation of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States forces indoors who are believed to cool as winter approaches, spreading the virus more easily and potentially presage another wave. ..

    It is also expected that tens of millions of Americans will travel around the country as families gather at home for their annual feast ahead of Thanksgiving holidays.

    Michigan and Minnesota, the first states to experience the beginning of winter, said, “Recent per capita cases,” as medical authorities struggle to raise adult immunization rates to over 60% nationwide. So by a considerable margin, ”is leading the country. analysis By the New York Times.

    The US 7-day moving average was 93,196 on Friday. It was 70,271 on October 25th.

    However, federal health care workers Minnesota To support hospitals’ response to rising cases, the average number of cases per day is much lower across the country than during the worst summer delta variant surges. Fully vaccinated people are also much less likely to be hospitalized and very unlikely to die, even if they are infected with the virus.

    However, some states with high early vaccination rates, such as New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Vermont, have also reported increased cases of Covid, reducing vaccine efficacy in terms of infection. There may be.

    After federal health officials approve booster shorts and vaccines aged 5-12 years, the United States is giving about 1.5 million new doses daily, and the vaccination rate graph is 80 percent as epidemiologists expect. It is about 15 percent below the threshold. I wanna see.

    On Friday, the FDA approved booster shots for all adults and took additional steps to encourage people over the age of 50 to look for booster shots. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has agreed to a new policy.

    Under the new rules, people over the age of 18 can choose either Pfizer or Moderna Booster 6 months after the last dose. For those who received a single Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the wait was already only two months. “I’ve clearly heard that people need something simpler. I think it’s easy,” FDA Vaccine Director Dr. Peter Marks told The Associated Press.

    About 12 states have already made boosters available to all adults. “The direction isn’t good. People are more inside and” oops “, next week happens to be the biggest travel week of the year, so it makes sense to try to turn the tide with whatever you can do here. “I’m sure,” Marks added.

    Some experts say that paying attention to boosters can undermine efforts to reach 47 million unvaccinated U.S. adults and obtain enough vaccine to treat more than a portion of the population. I am worried that it may widen the gap between rich and poor countries that did not.

    With some European countries reporting a brutal resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic, a new increase in US infectious diseases is coming. New infections are at record levels in some countries and Austria will impose a national blockade next week, while Germany cracks down on unvaccinated people and eliminates imposing new restrictions on mobility. Is not …

    Europe’s tendency towards tighter control, from mandatory masks in Spain to partial blockades in the Netherlands, has also led to some anxiety.

    A violent demonstration broke out in Rotterdam Friday night over the Dutch proposal to exclude negative tests from the National Health Pass with police. Fire a warning shot Dissolve a crowd of protesters with a water cannon. At least 7 injuries were reported.

    In the United States, preparing for next week’s Thanksgiving vacation has created new problems with reports of a shortage of Covid-19 home test kits. This is a supplementary precaution for families who will meet for the first time in two years.

    Distributors report a shortage of kits, but pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens say they have enough supply as manufacturers increase production, supported by more than $ 3 billion in government spending. increase.

    However, health experts also warn that new outbreaks of the virus can overwhelm supply, especially if holiday gatherings and cold temperatures cause new outbreaks across the country.

    According to federal data, the number of US Covid-19 deaths recorded in 2021 exceeded the number of casualties in 2020, edited and published by Johns Hopkins University on Saturday. The Wall Street Journal.. The total number of US deaths reported associated with the disease now exceeds 770,780, more than double the 385,343 Covid-19 deaths recorded in 2020.

    With the largest surge in the Upper Midwest, US Covid infections are on the rise again.US news

    Source link With the largest surge in the Upper Midwest, US Covid infections are on the rise again.US news

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