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    Wisdom is a social audio app for opening access to mentorship – TechCrunch

    UK social audio startup wisdom Launched a new mentorship marketplace described as a mix between club house Celebrity-focused course platform Master class..

    The app allows users to log on to find conversations they can join live (have the opportunity to ask questions) or listen on demand (streamed talks are automatically added to the talk provider’s profile). Will be saved).

    The idea is to have a conversation centered on advice. But that advice applies to almost anything people want to hear. From the beginning, it covers a wide range of topics, from parenting and dating to career and finance, mental health and well-being, and fitness.

    The startup says it has built a “TikTok-style” algorithm that encourages users to talk based on topic hashtags and behavioral data mining. This takes into account how much persistent engagement the talk clicks to support a quality conversation, and so on. Go up to the top. (It is also said that the app has a reporting tool for human monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of problem conversations and safety issues.)

    At the launch of Wisdom, after about a month of initial testing, about 10,000 “experts” are enrolled to provide knowledge through the audio live stream. According to the founder, app development started about eight months ago.

    Anyone can sign up and start a talk in the app, but Wisdom has a “top mentor” to help users navigate who self-assertive experts are and whether they’re worth listening to. There is a verification system called “.

    On the contrary, encourage people with knowledge worth sharing to first participate in providing an opportunity to earn a “cryptocurrency” called a mentor coin, based on listening and engaging. increase.

    It says that anyone can earn in-app currency by streaming advice. Not exclusively for power users. Like other creator platforms, he wants to not only spend money on wonderfully small top slices, but also support the middle class of creators. Ha (Eh, Hello twitch!! ).

    Mentorcoin can be redeemed for gift cards from retailers such as Amazon and Target (or donated to charities such as Clean Water Fund), but will help build businesses that offer advice on the platform in the future. , We plan to expand the monetization function of mentors.

    One of the things we’re paying attention to in that regard is allowing mentors to offer paid one-on-one conversations. But now it’s purely social audio.

    “Social audio-it’s levellers and not everyone writes very well … but everyone can speak. I think the audio is real. Reading the tones and emotions of people’s voices. This makes them more vulnerable, “says founder and CEO Dayo Akinrinade.

    “As a mentor or expert, even when you’re not using Wisdom, you can help people by having a library of talks saved for your profile so that anyone can come back and listen to your talks at any time. Often you have access to your knowledge and mentoring program by the time you do it [back and forth asking when you’re both free the conversation may not happen]..

    “”[But] They will receive an alert if they follow you with wisdom every time you go live. Therefore, one of the next features we are paying attention to is “Audio Office Hour”. Even if you live on Wisdom once a week or once a month, don’t show it on LinkedIn or your website. People who are probably privileged and their experts [feel they] I don’t have time to give back.

    “I really foresee the future where experts can … move to live on Wisdom — maybe once a week or once a month — [saying] These are my audio office hours. People can listen live. “

    Wisdom isn’t the first startup to find value in bringing in orders that help a little with the on-demand chatter babbling that’s now available on taps on apps on platforms like Clubhouse.

    Sure, it’s not the first person to focus on giving advice as its special source (for example). Who). However, Akinrinade believes that its author-first approach will help make the new social audio platform stand out.

    Supporting diverse voices is another central goal of wisdom.

    “The mission is to democratize access to mentorship and democratize access to knowledge. I believe that knowledge should not be a privilege, it should be the default. Everyone has it. It’s the right to be able to do it, “she told TechCrunch.

    The app includes features that help you configure your conversation so that you have access to a variety of voices, such as a timer that keeps the conversation running and prevents anyone from monopolizing the stream.

    Initially, the focus of the app will be on English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada. This is one limitation.

    Akinrinade — With a background in management consulting, he has previously founded another startup (London-based black dating app). Africlick) — Says she noticed an access issue with mentorship while she was working OneTech, UK diversity in startup programs.

    She also points out dissatisfaction with using the expert networking platform LinkedIn for mentoring. inequality.

    Her hope for wisdom is that it helps to break down such barriers and “democratize” access to knowledge.

    The startup is backed by many angel investors, and Akinrinade says he met at Clubhouse.

    “I was the tech founder working on a dating app at the time, but then we were just talking, so social audio is very exciting and very strong. And — yeah — that’s us. Is the way wisdom began! ”She adds.

    Wisdom is a social audio app for opening access to mentorship – TechCrunch Source link Wisdom is a social audio app for opening access to mentorship – TechCrunch

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