Wilson or Carol?The decisive choice Seattle faces after the tragic 2021 | Seattle Seahawks


After a period of unprecedented and lasting success, the Seahawks bottomed out. Now they are at a crossroads.

The Seahawks fell to 5-11 during the season after losing to the Bears last Sunday. They have no shots in making the playoffs. The roster features a mediocre rotating morus. I have questions about the future of their franchise quarterbacks, head coaches and chief person decision makers.

Things are going to be ugly. There remains a recurring myth around Seattle that the partnership between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll deteriorated as franchise quarterbacks began to be paid like franchise quarterbacks.

The theory makes some sense. The Seahawks were the first team to truly take advantage of modern collective bargaining agreements that turned rookie quarterbacks into inefficiencies in the major sports markets. Seattle had Wilson cheap, and it could surround him with a herd of Hall of Fame slap vans in the middle of their prime.

Carol, Wilson, and the bragging corps of Boom trampled the entire NFC on their way to the two Super Bowls, winning one, dropping the other to the Brady-Belichick Patriots and falling. 1 yard shorter Of consecutive titles.

If things suddenly downshift from there, it will be neat and easy. If payments to Wilson are the only reason for the decline – the $ 30 million quarterback cost per year means talent leaks from the roster elsewhere.

It is also inaccurate. This year marks Carol’s first defeat season as a coach since 2011. Since the Seahawks drafted Wilson in 2012, there are few franchises comparable to the success of the pair, including the period Wilson signed the extension.

Tampa Bay with Brady, Kansas City with Mahomes, and New Orleans with Drew Brees had no problem maintaining their championship caliber roster in quarterbacks, which account for more than 20% of their salary caps. Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott and Josh Allen all absorb the team’s cap sheet at a higher rate than Wilson on average.

It’s not a matter of what Seattle can do Sign, draft, or exchange talent that fits under the cap to support Wilson.that is Who The Seahawks have chosen to sign, draft, and exchange.

This season is the result of nearly a decade of draft and personnel decisions dating back to the beginning of the Wilson era. Since 2013, the Seahawks have done 15 draft topics in the first or second round. Only DK Metcalf made the Pro Bowl. Metcalf, Frank Clark and Jarran Reed are considered above average players. Only one of them, Metcalf, remains on the team. What’s more, they exchanged their first round for Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin, and their first round for Jamal Adams. All three were mistakes. Not only did Adams attack the team talentedly, but also forced Seattle to completely redefine the stylistic composition of their defenses to address his weaknesses.

Franchise quarterbacks and knowledgeable Defense First coaches can only cover so many flaws. At some point, other players have to play some. Seattle has no talent.

That’s why Wilson tried to bail the entire company during the last offseason.Wilson didn’t because he’s always so enthusiastic about pointing out Request Trade.He simply pointed out four specific teams he wanted to go to in the case of Seattle I wanted Obviously he didn’t want to trade him. no.

It was a trivial master class. Carefully tuned media leaks. Tune out the noise Social media onslaught.As reported by AthleticWilson believed that things were out of date. It was reported that Wilson et al. Began to eliminate Carroll’s happy crappie style.

The Seahawks sought to evolve in all the ways Wilson would have ever requested.They changed their defense philosophy and sought to catch up with it. All of the latest innovations in the gameInstead of sticking to the style that drove them to the early days of success.

Of the Seahawks’ 15 first or second round draft topics since 2013, only DK Metcalf made the Pro Bowl. Photo: Steph Chambers / Getty Images

When it came to attacks, I was also motivated to change things. From the styling of Brian Schottenheimer and Darrell Bevell’s cave dwellers, the Seahawks seemed young and smooth by bringing Shane Waldron from Rams to carry out the attack. But the Seahawks sense of embracing the turmoil and style of turmoil that empowered the Rams during the Jared Goff era did not bear fruit.

There are two reasons: a) Discovery of defense Counter that style of attack (The Seahawks missed when they wanted to dive into that evolutionary cycle); b) Russell Wilson.

At this point, it’s clear that there are no Seahawks, Schottenheimer, Waldron, or Carol styles. It’s Wilson’s style. He doesn’t want to throw in the middle of the field this season with meme-level proportions. Wilson made only 26 passes over 10 yards in the middle of the field this season. This is an average of 2 games. By comparison, Tom Brady averages seven such games, Aaron Rodgers averages five, and Patrick Mahomes averages four. In fact, of the 34 qualified quarterbacks of the season, Wilson is ranked 29th in the league with an average number of trials per game targeting over 10 yards in the middle of the field.

Playing at Russell Wilson’s offense means confiscating the middle of the field. This limits whatever Seattle wants to do at the offense.

This has been the theme of Wilson’s games for many years. That’s why he can limit turnover, but with such a compressed style of defense you can better block his supply line outside.

Wilson’s games have always been built around deep balls. He takes a simple guff underneath and fires fun darts under the field to move the Seahawks attack. This year, his effectiveness diminished as defense centered and focused on boundaries. His adjusted completion rate (removed throwaway) ranks 23rd among eligible quarterbacks this season with throws of over 20 yards, according to Pro Football Focus. It puts him behind Davis Mills, Tua Tagovailoa, Carson Wentz, and the fossilized Ben Roethlisberger.

As much as the crime needed to adapt and grow this year, so did the pilot. He didn’t. Wilson was then injured. The season was gone before the Seahawks blinked.

As this off-season approaches, Seattle ownership is now facing a difficult choice. Proceed from Wilson. Go ahead with everyone, including John Schneider, the Emperor of Personnel. It is unlikely that all three will come back. Two of them? perhaps.

Carol’s departure seems to be the most probable result. Whether or not Wilson’s slump during the season indicates something long-term, the Seahawks don’t want to have anything to do with the annual quarterback merry-go-round. The transition from Carroll could be the team’s best shot to convince them to maintain their quarterback in the long run.

Carroll deserves praise for his willingness to revitalize the franchise because he tried to evolve rather than get stuck in his own Faddy Daddy way. This isn’t about coaches who have stayed too long or organizations that have always thought about their path and collapsed. This is a team that has run through the league like never before, combining talented quarterbacks with talented coaches and an extraordinary address book. The two remain true, but the last and most important part of the roster core is sunk to a depressing level of incompetence. Now they need to reboot.

“I think we need to restart everything, not one of the reasons,” Carroll said this week. There are some truths there. The Seahawks will be as high as the cap space needed to recreate the roster around Wilson if the quarterback wants to stick. However, the Seahawks need a fairly dramatic overhaul. Breaking from coaches and quarterbacks at this stage would be easier than betting on two to rediscover their old Mojo.

Wilson or Carol?The decisive choice Seattle faces after the tragic 2021 | Seattle Seahawks

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