Will Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Christine have a “spiritual divorce”?


Kody Brown and Christine Brown. Shutterstock; Courtesy of Christine Brown / Instagram

Is there lost love? Sister’s wifeKody Brown And estranged wife Christine Brown The relationship after the split is stagnant.

“Kodi did not experience a’mental divorce’from Christine,” sources say exclusively. We weekly.. “He left her alone to ease her separation — it was her and God, not her and Kodi.”

A 53-year-old from Wyoming and his third wife, Christine, did not hold a “formal ceremony in the church.” Means the end of their spiritual bondInsider adds, noting that Kodi is no longer 100 percent in “polygamy headspace” after the dissolution.

“He did not give courtesy to Christine, or any of his other wives about it, to go with him. [a formal ceremony] Because he feels betrayed“The source explained, the patriarch recently added,” I’m getting more angry and suffering. “

Christine, 49, Announced her split from Kodi in November 2021After more than 25 years together, they revealed that they had decided to farewell. The two married spiritually in 1994 and later had six children. My son Peydon (23 years old) and my daughters Aspin (26 years old), Mikkelti (25 years old), Gwendolyn (20 years old), Isabelle (18 years old) and Truly (11 years old).

“Kodi and I fell apart and made a difficult decision to leave,” Christine wrote on Instagram at the time. “We continue to have a strong presence in each other’s lives while raising beautiful children and supporting a wonderful family.”

Kodi was previously married to his first wife Meri Brown From 1990 to 2014. He divorced her and got married legally. Robin brown And she adopts her three children (David, 21 years old, Aurora, 18 years old, Breanna, 16 years old) from her previous marriage. Kodi and Robin (43) also share two children, Solomon (10) and Ariella (6).

The 18 year old father He is currently spiritually married to Meri (51 years old) and is married to his daughter Maria (26 years old).He and his second wife Janel Brown A spiritual knot was tied in 1993, bringing together six children. They are raising their sons Logan (27), Hunter (24), Robert (23), Gabriel (21), daughters Maddy (26) and Savannah (17).

In the wake of the division between Kodi and Christine, the patriarch Seems to have grown farther from Meri — I saw fans play in Season 16 Sister’s wife — And 52-year-old Janel spends more time at home with Robin.

His guide compass is also shifting and the source is We Kodi said, “I used to be very spiritual, but he hasn’t been for a long time.”

The head of the Brown family still “has faith and his religion, but in terms of polygamy, I feel that the female has betrayed his higher patriarchy,” said Insider, with Kodi’s wife. “Mental bondage” reveals that it is “lost.”

Despite him Recent ups and downs In some of his relationships, Kodi “doesn’t believe in divorce, so he doesn’t participate in spiritual divorce rituals,” sources add.

Earlier this month, a second insider spoke exclusively We The Kodi is “I’m thinking of starting with my new wifeAfter both the previous Meri and Janel Talked about the possibility of leaving their multiple marriages..

“”He spends all his time with RobinThe third source that said exclusively We In January, the focus of Kodi’s current relationship. “Others are in their world and are living their lives.”

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Report by Diana Cooper

Will Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Christine have a “spiritual divorce”?

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