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    WildWorks, maker of Animal Jam and Feral, angers fans with embrace of crypto gaming – TechCrunch

    In less than a year, WildWorks, a maker of children’s virtual world games Animal jam, Start the next big initiative In a game for Generation Z wild..But lately, the company has offended many of its core users. news Reusing many of Feral’s technology platforms and their assets to enter the crypto game space called Metaverse Games Coal husk, Equipped with Solana blockchain.

    Responses from WildWorks core fans weren’t enthusiastic about the news for a variety of reasons. Players who were already concerned about the pace and unfinished nature of Feral’s development now use Feral’s assets to build crypto gaming experiences, and what does that mean for Feral’s future? I’m worried. They are also less excited about the environmental impact of crypto games and NFTs. This is an opinion shared by WildWorks CEO Clark Stacey until recently.

    of Medium postStacey specifically addressed this particular concern and stated that he himself believed that technologies like NFTs were “environmentally incompatible” and of no value to gamers.

    But he says he has changed his opinion since he learned more about the development of blockchain beyond Ethereum. Ethereum relies on an energy-intensive “proof of work” system, like Bitcoin, and requires what Stacy calls “a ridiculous amount of computer power” to validate transactions. However, an alternative has emerged that repeats the “proof” that requires less energy. Instead, “stake” verification systems such as Wax, Cardano, Solana.

    “Transactions on these blockchains are more efficient than the credit card networks we currently use to make payments in most games,” Stacey writes. “We are confident that using the Solana blockchain in new games, coupled with WildWorks’ ongoing efforts to offset and reduce carbon emissions in game development, will not increase the company’s carbon emissions. “He said.

    Image credit: Burnt of Wild Works

    Cinder players purchase “playable NFTs” using the Solana blockchain. CinderFae includes 11,111 dedicated avatars designed by the WildWorks team. NFTs have about 150 properties of various rarities across nine categories, each with a unique look that cannot be duplicated. Cinder’s website explains.. Players will be able to connect their NFT avatars to Cinder on the day they were created to join the free-form MMO community and explore the virtual world. Mining is scheduled for early January. Then next year, players will be able to convert their own designed game content, such as avatars, playspaces, and party rooms, into NFTs stored in Solana for sale on the Cinder marketplace.

    Stacey addressed fans’ concerns about environmental issues with cryptography, but that wasn’t the only reason fans were dissatisfied with the shift to cryptography.

    Many also say that today’s crypto ecosystem is still about other shortcomings, such as its use for money laundering purposes, how NFTs can easily steal creators’ art, and security issues with “altcoin.” I felt there were many answers. Stacey admits that there are some truths to these accusations, but that they are generally in the early stages of blockchain and that regulation and further development may address these concerns. Also mentions. He also said that there are creators who want to participate in these new technologies in order to contribute to solutions that benefit the creator community. They need that opportunity.

    One such area includes creator-designed avatars and other tradable content. These can be difficult to profit on on current platforms like Roblox, Stacey said.

    Screen Shot 2021 12 06 at 2.47.58 PM

    Image credit: Burnt of Wild Works

    “”[Roblox doesn’t] Create your own gameplay experience. The creative output doesn’t really attract the player, but because it controls the platform and owns the user’s output, it gets 75% of what the author gets. If I make a really cool avatar with Roblox and someone wants to buy it from me, I can’t sell it to them without platform intervention, “Stacey writes. (Roblox’s “cut” is actually A little more complicated than thatPartly because the mobile app store has its own cut in addition to Roblox’s share. However, the general point that developers make a small portion of their total revenue is accurate. )

    Instead, Cinder’s NFTs allow users to tokenize their work, sell and trade, and retain more of their total revenue. Stacy said at Discord AMA that the Cinder marketplace will allow players to hold 96% of transactions and Cinder will only use 4%.

    But wild fans aren’t always looking for an explanation. They simply oppose cryptocurrencies and NFTs and publish their views. This belief system may also be related to how fans see WildWorks as a children’s game maker, or a game maker aiming for a market at least under the age of 18. Beginning their journey through the children’s game Animal Jam, they consider the company’s entry into the field of cryptocurrency games inappropriate.

    However, WildWorks has already shown interest in expanding beyond the children’s gaming market at Feral. It was aimed at teens, Not a young child. For Cinder, the market is adults, not children or teens.According to the company, the new game aims to attract demographics similar to those who play other crypto games such as: Axie Infinity, sandbox, Also Swing block party..

    More importantly, WildWorks needs revenue to continue its gaming ambitions — Feral or others. Stacey told the Feral Discord community how WildWorks invested more than two years of development and $ 6 million in building Feral. We aim to make it an independent business, but that time has not yet arrived.

    Stacey admitted to TechCrunch that it was revealed that Feral did not achieve the product market fit WildWorks wanted during Early Access.

    “We couldn’t continue to invest at previous levels and couldn’t stay financially sound,” he told us. “But we didn’t shut down the game because the passionate community is still playing. We wanted to find a new publishing home or other way to continue development.”

    Cinder can provide that “other means” if successful, but ironically, due to fan repulsion, Ferral may not survive to see it happen. Fans are threatening to end the game in protest and cancel their Animal Jam subscription.

    Feral Craft Trade

    Image credit: Wildworks Ferral

    For some, the move to WildWorks crypto games was a coffin nail. They had the opportunity to talk about other issues they had with the company. Fans turned to off-topic discussions about the obstacles recognized by WildWorks’ moderation system. hacker, And the use of headdresses in Animal Jam — Stacey admitted was an “ignorant” choice. (The company contacted, apologized, and was discussing the issue with Native American players who agreed that these virtual items would not be created or promoted, but if they already had one, the company would inventory the player. Did not remove the item from ..)

    The friction between WildWorks’ business needs, the desire to explore what it considers to be the future of the game, and the real-world reaction from long-time fans makes it difficult for companies to adopt blockchain and encryption technology. This is an example. .. This problem is exacerbated by the potential of blockchain, which can often be obscured by the negative aspects of the industry. As Stacy said It’s “thieves and glyphers and bad art” and the lack of “regulatory guardrails” around today’s crypto development.

    When it comes to ferrules, fans’ concerns about the future seem reasonable. Stacey says that if the community continues to support the game, it will find a way to continue building it.

    “If not, we will announce plans to abolish it as soon as that decision is made. It has not been created to date,” he said. “Many of the Feral communities understand that they are generally philosophically opposed to NFTs and blockchain technology, but they have tried to address their questions and concerns, but Cinder is another player. Designed and sold for. They don’t lose anything from the existence of the assets that Feral created to exist in Cinder as well. “

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