Why TV tray tables offer more than nostalgia


“Chic” TV table This is not an oxymoron, given the need for flexible decoration while the family’s remote workers and students monopolize the actual table. If you’re looking for a magnificent millennium or nostalgia that was fascinated by the variety of metals of the 1960s, a vintage site when the novelty of eating in the brilliance of “Gun Smoke” and “Adams Family” became popular. You can find a stylish take at. Like the Nova Acrylic Folding Table in CB2 above, the new iterations will be displayed in bamboo, stainless steel, or acrylic. Sandra Moreno, founder of Studio No. 8 Interior Design in New York, combined it with a cross-section sofa and chaise longue. “It doesn’t occupy a lot of visual space, but it’s functional,” she said.

Kyle McCaulejye, vice president of Ripper International, said Bamboo Lipped Snack Table sales tripled year-on-year during the pandemic. A modern, discreet foldable bamboo table that’s versatile enough for most decorations, it has a 0.5-inch lip tray to keep Bordeaux glasses and Cheerios bowls from slipping off. It can nicely add organic elements to any room, which may explain its popularity.

Why TV tray tables offer more than nostalgia

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