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    Why the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission matters to everyone

    Haley Arseno, a medical assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and a medical specialist on the Inspiration 4 mission of the Crew Dragon Cupola.

    Inspiration4x / Twitter

    Imagine being called to not only visit space, but to join a rare group of less than 1000 humans orbiting the planet, if needed. Oh, and the mission will explode in about 6 months.

    It’s a phone call received by three Americans earlier this year.And that offer wasn’t the type of joyride we saw 15 minutes to the edge of the universe. Blue origin When Virgin Galactic soon. We’re talking about a three-day stay in orbit, like NASA astronauts devoting their lives to preparation.

    Sure, civilians have previously flown to the International Space Station, which usually required personal property, a little influence, and months or years of training. The idea of ​​pulling people out of the unnamed Wonka style and getting them on track was like a science fiction novel.

    until now.

    At the time of my writing, helper doctor Haley Arseno and data engineer Chris Sembroski had no reason to visit space a year ago, so about every 90 minutes on this planet. I’m whipping.

    They were joined by billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman and geologist Sian Proctor. Both have experience as pilots, but no experience in space flight.

    The quartet constitutes the entire crew of Inspiration 4 mission, Currently in low earth orbit. NASA’s professional astronaut Chaperone is not on board, only four space beginners cruising, researching, and making history on Earth.Mission too Billed as a fundraiser Arseno is a childhood patient for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, who is now working as a medical professional.

    This was all funded by Isaacman and made possible thanks to the Space Shuttle and its autonomous Crew Dragon spacecraft. This is the first new crew spacecraft (outside China) I’ve seen since the Space Shuttle debuted decades ago.

    For space fanatics, this is a big deal, but others wondering why it’s important for yet another wealthy person to fund a trip to space and carry some lands together. Billions of people are forgiven.

    Inspiration for whom?

    First of all, it is important to remember that new modes of transportation usually go through the same process. Trains and planes were initially an elite experience and revolutionized our lives. This suggests that the Inspiration 4 crew may be the first of many ordinary people to go in orbit or later. (SpaceX did not respond to comment requests.)

    Elon Musk suggested His next-generation starship will eventually be available for ultra-fast international flights over orbit, perhaps with lower carbon dioxide emissions than today’s commercial jet airliners.

    Inspiration4 lays the groundwork for the idea of ​​getting on track as a passive passenger and opening up space for transportation and other possible uses.

    If you believe that, like me, we are expanding the footprints of mankind beyond our planet May improve the life of our planet, Inspiration4 is an important milestone in the long journey of that generation.

    I’m confused Mars is a great place to build a city Or living in an orbiting space station will soon become practical.

    But some things I know: Industrialization on Earth often undermines the delicate ecosystems of the planet, and some of that industry can be transferred to space. Today’s space millionaires could be the first step towards tomorrow’s orbital factories and power plants that will help us ultimately mitigate climate change.

    Also, the original Space Race of the 1950s and 1970s did more than just put people on the moon. The load of innovation created That underpins our civilization today.

    NS GPS of your mobile phone It takes you where you need to go, and our satellite-based society, which moves all sorts of information around the world at the speed of light, goes back directly to the Mercury and Apollo programs and the establishment of NASA. I can.

    It’s exciting to imagine what parts of everyday life in 2050 will stand out thanks to SpaceX and Inspiration 4.

    Finally, to the crew: I can’t wait to get home safely and see all the photos.

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