Why most hangover cures don’t work but a few might help


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Most of us know the horrifying sensations of fatigue, headaches, sweating, nausea, light sensitivity, and horrific hangovers. For decades, researchers have sought potential cures for alcohol-induced hangovers.

Now a new systematic review Randomized controlled trials have revealed some evidence, but that’s not good.Despite finding 21 trials to investigate the possibility hangover They conclude that: “Of the limited interventions studied, all had a favorable tolerability profile and very low quality evidence.” In short, these treatments can be taken without adverse effects, but they have not been able to treat hangovers.

But that’s not all Bad newsResearchers have suggested that three of these treatments have potential and need further investigation. These contained clove extract, tolfenamic acid and pyritinol.

Cloves extracted from clove plants Facilitate Excretion of alcohol from the body, which can reduce the time spent on a hangover, usually Estimated It’s been 12 hours since I woke up. Respondents also recorded a reduction in the severity of hangovers. There may be cloves on the spice rack, but there are many products available in health stores and supermarkets that offer tablets or liquid versions.

Instead of waiting for a hangover the study It suggests that taking tolfenamic acid before and after drinking alcohol may reduce the nausea, headaches, and tremors experienced during a hangover.Preparations containing tolfenamic acid can be purchased online, but in the UK, doctors Prescription Is required. Tolfenamic acid It belongs to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, often called NSAIDs. It’s not surprising that there is a possibility of a hangover, as this chemical is used to prepare for various headaches.

Pyritinol, also known as Pyridoxine disulfideIs derived from B vitamins. Basically, this widely available substance helps you feel more energetic. Given the fatigue often experienced during a hangover, there are obvious benefits. It is usually prepared in the form of capsules for ingestion.

Despite these potential treatments, the authors of this review have found some significant gaps in their knowledge. In particular, there was a bias towards male participants in the study. Eight of the 21 studies included in the review did not have females in the trial. Given the physical differences between men and women, the study needs to look at treatments for women as well as men.

Paracetamol and aspirin

Many of us look at common drugs like paracetamol and aspirin, but there are no randomized controlled trials to test these against placebo. However, the research review team also found that the majority of trials for these drugs had less than 30 participants. Despite this, the NHS suggest The painkiller can help with headaches caused by a hangover.

It is clear that both the quality and quantity of studies on hangover treatments need to be improved.An estimated 2.4 billion people are drinking alcohol World wideMany will experience a hangover at some point, but there is a strong need for effective ways to alleviate the unwanted symptoms it causes.

This lack of evidence has not stopped prosperous trade and promotion Not proven Over-the-counter remedies. Many of these depend on the placebo effect, which is known to be important in a variety of health problems.Believing in potions works even if you don’t have potions Active ingredient It may be enough to reduce the effects of a hangover.

Drinking water and other alternatives

But if you don’t want to try any of these products, there are some popular alternatives. The quality and selection of non-alcoholic beverages has improved in recent years and is a guaranteed way to avoid a hangover. However, this option misses the point of why most people consume alcohol. Whether it’s happier, more sociable, or just relaxed, whether alcohol works very well or not, they feel different.

One of the potential and interesting non-alcoholic options Alcaler, Commonly called Alcosynth, was developed by David Nutt, a professor at Imperial College London.And drink this The ingredients claim that alcohol stimulates the same part of the target brain.The purpose is to reduce Nervous activity To give the drinker a calm and relaxed mood, usually associated with alcoholism.

Many people find that they especially drink non-alcoholic beverages waterAt the same time, they drink alcohol and help reduce the severity of the hangover. This makes sense because the alcohol dehydrates rather than hydrates.

Currently, the only surefire way to avoid a dreaded hangover is to not drink alcohol in the first place. Given how unrealistic it is, science is needed to provide evidence of what works and what doesn’t.So far, research has rarely provided in a reliable way. cure..Until that happens, hangovers serve their purpose by encouraging us to limit the amount. alcohol We drink, but unfortunately it’s a prompt for many of us to keep ignoring.

There is no compelling scientific evidence that a hangover works, according to new research

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