Why Do You Need to Move to VPS Hosting?


You’re using shared hosting, but everybody around you is talking about VPS hosting and the importance of switching to it. But will you switch to the thing you know nothing about? So it’s time to make out about the advantages of VPS hosting.

But before we start, let us tell you about one of the best providers you can contact with.

Okay, What Can You Advise?

It’s good to talk about why VPS hosting is the best bet for you, but it’s a tough challenge to find a good provider. We’re glad to tell you about one provider you can choose.

When it comes to VPS hosting, we recommend you consider HostForWeb. This website offers different types of hosting, so after some time, when you feel you’re big enough to move to dedicated hosting, you can choose this company again.

In the digital era, the level of the company is determined by the quality of its customer service. Ask any question, even a stupid one – and always-on support will explain in detail what you need.

These guys don’t skyrocket their price, so be sure that your new hosting won’t break your budget.

Why will you benefit by partnering with these guys?

  • their hosting is optimized not for WordPress only, but for Joomla and other websites;
  • backups are included;
  • pure SSD storage;
  • control panel installed.

Feel free to contact HostForWeb!

So we’re moving to the definition of VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server Hosting. Providers often create a virtual partition of physical servers, and these virtual partitions are called VPS hostings. Your server is separated from physical ones, so you can be sure of security and confidentiality.

You get root access to the server, so you have an opportunity to change something there. It’s the main difference between a shared plan and a VPS one.

TAKEAWAY: Keep in mind that VPS hosting isn’t a dedicated server – it’s just a partition of a physical one. So it’s a thing that is between shared and dedicated hosting.

So we’re ready to list reasons why you need to move to VPS hosting. Let’s dive in!

You Get Control Over Your Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting which you have when starting your blog on WordPress, you can’t control any errors and changes occurring there. If hosting falls, you can’t even figure out why it is so.

But VPS hosting provides you with this opportunity. You’ll see what is happening on your server. And the icing on the cake is that you can fix errors on your own. Of course, if you have technical skills. Having your own hosting means constant maintenance. If it’s a tough challenge for you, it’s better to find a person who’ll help you to cope with it. Also, you can learn some skills.

Takeaway: by choosing VPS hosting, you get more control and more responsibilities. You’re in charge of what is happening on the server.

You Get More Traffic

What is the best gift for any blogger? Traffic influx. But this thing can turn out to be a tragedy when you have shared hosting. The fact is that shared hosting isn’t intended to withstand a lot of traffic – only its low or medium spikes.

Imagine it: many users want to explore your website, read articles there, open the page… and guess what? They see nothing! Only error.

Constant errors will lead your users to your competitors where there aren’t any errors.

But I can fix such errors, and they’ll come again, you say. No. Don’t forget about SEO. Google algorithms analyze how much time your users spent on the webpage. And the more they spend, the more trusted your website is. But how can it be trusted when users open your page, see the error, and leave it?

Your Website Will Work Faster

As you know from the above article’s section, shared hostings are able to handle only low or medium traffic. When it comes to large amounts of it, they can be removed from the scene.

Maybe you’ve experienced this scenario: you open the website and it takes more than ten seconds to load a page or do any action. It’s annoying, isn’t it?

TAKEAWAY: Most users prefer to switch to another website that flies. Do you know what? Competitors are winning again.

But with VPS hosting, you’ll avoid cases when one webpage is loading for a few seconds as virtual hostings can withstand tons of traffic.

You Can Install More Applications

Applications and services help you grow big as you integrate many useful things to provide the best experience for users. But the problem is that you can’t install too many applications if have shared hosting as there’s a limit on the number of installs.

In contrast to shared hosting, a VPS one allows the installation of different services and applications.

TAKEAWAY: There is only one requirement: applications have to meet the hosting provider’s policies.

The Bottom Line

VPS hosting is a good choice when you think about leaving shared hosting when a shared plan isn’t an appropriate solution for you. You can expand the opportunities by switching to VPS hosting as it allows you to install more applications and get more traffic on your website without breaking and slowing down. The most pleasant thing here is that you can maintain confidentiality as a virtual private server is used only by you.


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