Why do American teachers have to ask for supplies like pencils and paper? | Ross Barcan


$ 5,000 last week Dropped On the ice of a local hockey rink. It was a break and the crowd wanted to entertain.

The school teacher tricked it into paying for the classroom equipment for a $ 1 bill.

One teacher got $ 592 for so-called “Dash for Cash” supplies and school programs. Another pocket $ 380. The cash was donated by CU Mortgage Direct, a home lender.

The stunt news became viral and many online commentators were naturally horrified. Why were public school teachers fighting each other in hockey games for the very necessary funding that should come from the state and federal governments? Why did pencils, paper and whiteboards buy feed for enthusiastic competition?

The answer, of course, is to ensure that many US states do not properly fund public schools and that the federal government has rights to functioning school buildings and well-paid staff for all children. Does not provide enough funds for. In certain states, public school teachers enjoy comfortable wages and strong union protection, but there are many places where teachers have to do secondary work to make them look like middle-class life. I have.

South dakota Last rank With the average teacher’s reward. Local states with Republican governors, such as South Dakota’s Kristi Noem (Trump’s favorite), tend to run out of money in the public school system. The teachers’ union is feared because it is considered a fortress of democratic politics. For Republicans like gnomes, weak or non-existent unions are preferred.

Of course, it’s moral to pay more to public educators to keep them from fighting each other in hockey games for classroom equipment. It is also important at the practical level. Many public school systems struggle to retain young teachers. Long hours with limited wages are punished for new employees, and talented teachers can decide to take on private sector work elsewhere in the next few years. No teacher wants to emphasize how much it costs to properly stock pencils and paper in the classroom.

The teaching profession must be where the best college graduates in the United States go. This is the case in many wealthy countries around the world where education is treated like an elite profession. For example, a German teacher Can earn An entry-level doctor or web developer unprecedented in the United States. Top graduates of the best American universities simply don’t consider teaching because they have much better salaries and working conditions in Wall Street, the technical department, or the medical field.

Part of the problem is that the federal government spends relatively little money on public education.Most of the cost Floating About state and local governments. In most counties, property taxes determine the physical quality of schools and teacher salaries. Wealthy parents pay more taxes on strong schools for their children, but school districts with poor parents lose and ask for federal funding.

There is a better world upset. In 2018, West Virginia teachers went on strike for several weeks to protest low wages and rising health care costs. Similar strikes followed in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. In West Virginia, teachers were able to win small salary increases while energizing the people behind them.

But it changed until the governor and the legislature did much more to fund public schools and the federal government put cash into these school systems when local politicians refused to help. Does not happen. If Nome wants to fail in South Dakota, Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress shouldn’t forgive her. Congress has just approved a $ 76.8 billion spending bill for the military, promising a virtually blank check for global warming and home weapons factories. Most of them are unnecessary.

Instead, Congressmen can actually consider chopping up most of that cash for public schools in the United States. Teachers never have to go to the hockey rink again.

Why do American teachers have to ask for supplies like pencils and paper? | Ross Barcan

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