Why did I almost leave the “Harry Potter” franchise midway?


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Hogwarts without Hermione? Emma Watson Opened about why she walked almost away Harry potter Franchise since the 2005s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire..

“You were thinking of pulling out.” Rupert GrintRon Weasley, who played Watson’s friend and ultimately a love concern, Ron Weasley, said during HBO Max’s Sneak Peak. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts Special via ET Canada.. “I have never really told you about it.”

Watson, 31, explained why Hermione continued to be a muggle in the last four films: I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that I’ve reached a turning point, “This is like eternity now.”

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Daniel RadcliffePlaying Wizard Harry Potter in all eight films, said the young cast had never actually discussed the ups and downs associated with the franchise’s great success.

“We haven’t really talked about it. I think we were experiencing it at our own pace,” the 32-year-old actor explained during the special. With his longtime friend.. “At that time, we were a certain moment. It didn’t really happen to us that we all probably had similar feelings.”

The beauty and the Beast The actress said she felt “lonely” in her career at the time, adding that “fame has finally returned home in a big way.”

Tom felton, Played Draco Malfoy in the franchise, Backed up Watson’s Set Life account, Often explained that she was the only girl.

“People definitely forget what she did and how gracefully she did it,” said a 34-year-old British actor. “Dan and Rupert, they had each other. I had my own companion, but Emma was not only young, [but] She was alone. “

Glint, 33, said he knew exactly where Watson came from, and explained that he repeatedly asked, “What would happen to my life if I called it a day?” Growing up with the eyes of the world..

in the end, the Benefits of being a wall flower actress She chose to shoot the last four installments of the hit movie in a row, but she doesn’t regret the decision.

“Fans really wanted you to succeed, and We all really have each other’s backs.. How great is it? “No one needed to convince her” to continue playing her beloved magical character, she added.

Evanna Lynch — Who has played Luna Lovegood since 2007? Harry Potter and the Knights of the Immortal Birds — — Speaking exclusively We weekly How warm was Watson to her when she joined the cast in June?

“Emma was always very kind to me and tried to get to know me and make me feel at home. It was a big deal from her,” said the then 30-year-old Irish star. “And I was so big Harry potter Fans, I was very nervous about those three and I was afraid of them. “

Lynch recalled a rehearsal of a conversation with three leads to alleviate anxiety on the set.

“I was very nervous, so I remember she was really kind and made a lot of efforts to make me feel at home,” she said. Little scalpel Star.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts Streaming will begin on Saturday, January 1st on HBO Max.

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Why did I almost leave the “Harry Potter” franchise midway?

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