Why Democrats and Republicans switched platforms


Republican Party and Democratic Party Political US political parties did not always support what they were doing today.More liberal Democrats are traditionally represented in blue, and right-wing Republicans The color is red Each has a set of belief systems defined, but these were once very different.

What did the Republicans and Democrats initially believe?

In the 1860s, the Republicans, which ruled the northern states, organized an ambitious expansion of federal power. This is described by the Free Dictionary as “a system of government in which power is divided between central authorities and constituent political units.”This is the transcontinental railroad, the state university system, and West By Homestead, and claiming the public currency Protective tariff. The Democratic Party, which ruled the South, opposed these measures. Indeed, according to the author, George McCoy Blackburn (“”Opinions of French newspapers on the Civil War,“Greenwood Press, 1997) French newspaper press The Republican doctrine at the time said, “It is the most liberal in its goals, but the most dictatorial in its means.”

After the Civil War and Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Emergency Banking Act in 1933 (Image credit: Getty / Bettmann)

After the United States last defeated the South Army Civil Warr,and President Abraham Lincoln, Republicans have passed legislation that protects African Americans and advanced social justice (for example) Civil Rights Act of 1866 This couldn’t end slavery). Again, the Democrats strongly opposed these apparent expansions of federal power.

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