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    Why Are Video Games Beneficial?

    Why Are Video Games Beneficial?Some people who have not had any experience with games might only have the media to go off, which has historically presented a bad image about video games. Those who remember Columbine will know that the media typically spoke about video games when referring to the motivations behind the incident, harmfully impacting the industry’s reputation. Even around the time of its inception, the public still viewed video games with a certain level of caution seeing as it was a new technology and the first impression seemed to be that children were easily lost to them. The world today is a stark contrast to this as society virtually embraces video games.

    The industry overtook movies and music combined to become the leader of the entertainment sector, and this did not happen for no reason. It happened because video games are arguably the best form of entertainment and the world has proved that by buying them more than they would albums or movie tickets. However, despite being highly popular, it is not a stretch to say that they are beneficial to players too. This is excellent as it means that players can benefit from participating in something that they enjoy doing, much like how a gambler benefits from winning money and those who live in areas where it is legal like Pennsylvania can use this Pennsylvania lottery bonus to reap the rewards online.

    One way in which video games are beneficial is because of the attribute it has other entertainment – interactivity. While movies tell audiences stories, games allow players to become part of the story and dictate where it goes and how fast it gets there. This is great as it means the level of immersion players experience is simply through the roof. In this way, video games can be seen as excellent escape tools. Anyone who has dealt with mental health issues will know how incredibly important it is to have some form of escapism as dealing with the hardships faced in life can sometimes become overwhelming, especially when recent world events are considered.

    Another way in which video games can be beneficial is through the educational value that they provide. This may come as a surprise to some who might find it hard to believe that kids can learn from hacking and slashing their way through multiple enemies. However, this is just the entertainment side of video games. What people might not know is that moments before that battle begun, there was an extensive cutscene revealing information about the life of the Borgias for example, in the case of Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood.

    Whilst being mentally beneficial and educational, video games can also provide physiological benefits to those who play them. Genres like shooters normally demand great reaction times and fast finger movement to be the best at them and doing this consistently will mean better dexterity in the hands along with hand-eye coordination. Players will be happy to learn that playing video games can also lead to better vision.

    There are many more reasons why games are beneficial, but this should be enough from the extensive list to convince the doubters that they are useful.

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