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The new “AGT” champion has been crowned. The winner of Season 16 was revealed at the show’s two-hour finale event. Find out who left above.

After weeks of fierce competition America’s Got Talent Season 16 The winner has been announced. NS Top 10 finalists Perform with a special guest before the host announces the results Terry crews.. Given the caliber of the competition, who might have been the winner.

Jimmy Herrod The night begins with a duet.He does a stunning production of Evil “Against gravity” Idina Menzel And that Northwell Health Nurse Choir..Finalist Aidan Bryant When World Taekwondo Demonstration Team Team up for a thrilling performance that includes Olympic athletes Jordan Chiles When Mikaira Skinner..

Finale performance to stop Aidan Bryant’s show. (NBC)

Brook Simpson A twist on her previous finale performance “White Flag”.For her last AGT Performance, she plays a song at Bishop Briggs!! The singer is in very good harmony.Gina Brillion performs a one-of-a-kind stand-up act George Lopez.. Things change when Gina begins to shave George’s head!

Idina returns to AGT Stage to play her song “Dream Girl” Cinderella.. NS frozen Stars are the definition of fierce! Dustin Tabela When Matt Franco Run together with a little help from Modern family Alum Rico Rodriguez.. Sophia is delighted to see her ex-screen son again. Victory blinker When Pentatonix Gather for a spectacular performance of “The Prayer”.

But let’s get down to the results. Finally, the top five acts have been revealed.With Gina Bryon Josh blue First called, Josh was the first person to be in the top five.With Jimmy Herrod Rare Kyle Then it will be named. It is rare to be in the top 5 in the end. Sofia Vergara I’m stunned by Jimmy’s exclusion. Other acts that occupy the last spot in the top five are Aidan Bryant, Brooke Simpson and Dustin Tabela.

Dustin Tabela
Dustin Tabela at the “AGT” finale with Rico Rodriguez and Matt Franco. (NBC)

The fifth act is Rare Kyle. Heidi KlumGiving Rhea a golden buzzer said she was “very proud” of what Rhea had done at the show. Brook Simpson is in 4th place. Simon Cowell She tells Brooke that her previous performance was “sensational” and she has great expectations for her future. The last three are Josh Blue, Aidan Bryant, and Dustin Tavella. The one who finished in 3rd place was … Josh Blue.

“AGT” Season 16 Winners Revealed

It depends on Aidan Bryant and Dustin Tabela. For one of them, their lives are changing forever. And the winner of AGT Season 16 is … Dustin Tabela!! He has won $ 1 million and will host a headline show in Las Vegas.

Who won “AGT” Season 16?Dustin Tabela is the winner — Summary – Hollywood Life

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