Who is Måneskin? Facts about band performances on’SNL’-Hollywood Life


Måneskin will appear in the January 22nd episode of “SNL” hosted by Will Forte. Learn more about the Italian group here.

Måneskin It’s been a hot topic in the rock world for the last few months! The band is from Italy, but Americans don’t get enough of the groundbreaking singles “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Zittie buoni”.Details of the long-awaited debut group Saturday night liveJanuary 22nd episode, sponsored Will Forte..

They won the X factor

Group — consists of Ethan Turchio,twenty one, Victoria de Angelis,twenty one, Damiano David, 23, and Thomas Raggi, 21 — Originally noticed after competing in the Italian version X factor.. The quartet first met when I was in high school in Rome in 2016.After several attempts at music competitions, including the local music contest Pulse, they X factor The 11th season of Italy in 2017.Måneskin came in second place Lorenzo Risitra..

Måneskin plays. (Shutterstock)

Their name is Danish

The group is Italian, but the name Måneskin happens to be Danish. In English, this term is translated into the word “moonlight”. Ethan, Victoria, Damiano and Thomas had to finally choose a name when enrolling in the local music contest Pulse. Victoria was especially half Danish and helped the group come up with a name after thinking that Danish might work.

MaCC8Aneskin snl shutter embed 2
Måneskin will be on the stage of “idol” in Sweden in October 2021. (Shutterstock)

They have appeared on other American shows

SNL Sure, it’s going to be a milestone for Ethan, Victoria, Damiano and Thomas, but it’s not the first time to join a rodeo. After the success of the singles “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Zittiebuoni”, Måneskin has also appeared in major shows such as the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

MaCC8Aneskin snl shutter embed 3
Måneskin’s Victoria de Angelis, Damiano David, Måneskin’s Thomas Raggi, and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will perform on June 20, 2021 at the Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Shutterstock)

They are getting great praise

After winning the annual Sanremo Music Festival, Måneskin won the right to raise the Italian flag at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, Italy. At the famous international songwriting competition, representatives from different European countries compete. Italy was the last to win the Eurovision in 1990.

They have a quirky fashion style

Måneskin is known for its quirky 70’s fashion inspired by rock legends. David Bowie When Iggy pop.. They often play on platform heels and metal jumpsuits and wear heavy black liners. This seems to be a participant in a famous nightclub worn at Studio 54 during its heyday.

Who is Måneskin? Facts about band performances on’SNL’-Hollywood Life

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