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    WHO advises against blood plasma treatment for COVID-19

    The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that COVID treatment using plasma collected from the blood of recovered coronavirus patients should not be given to people with mild or moderate illness.

    Convalescent plasma showed early prospects when given intravenously to people with COVID-19.

    However, in the advice published in British Medical Journal, WHO now says, “Current evidence is that it does not improve survival, Mechanical ventilation, And management is costly and time consuming. “

    It makes “strong recommendations” for the use of plasma in people without severe COVID-19 symptoms, and even for patients with severe and serious illness, treatment is given only as part of clinical trials. I said it should be.

    Convalescent plasma is the liquid portion of blood from a recovered COVID patient that contains the antibodies that the body produces after infection.

    This was one of a series of potential treatments investigated early in the pandemic, Clinical trials..

    WHO said the latest recommendations are based on evidence from 16 trials in 16,236 patients with non-severe, severe, and severe COVID-19 infections.

    Convalescent plasma waste as a treatment for critical COVID-19 patients

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