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    Whistleblowers claim Facebook is harming children and damaging democracy | Facebook

    Whistleblowers claim that Facebook “prioritizes astronomical interests over people,” harms children and destabilizes democracy. US Congress..

    Francis Haugen said Facebook I knew that the Instagram app was “cigarette-like” under the age of 18 by directing young users to harmful content. A former Facebook employee said in a wide range of testimony that he “literally instigated” racial violence in developing countries because there were not enough staff to keep the platform secure.

    She also told the US Senator:

    • “Backstop” with the founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg..

    • Facebook knows that the system will lead teens to anorexia nervosa-related content.

    • After the January 6 riots in Washington, the company had to “break the glass” to turn the safety setting back on.

    • Facebook is intentionally targeted at teens and children under the age of 13.

    • The Monday outage that brought down Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp meant that Facebook couldn’t “stabilize democracy” for more than five hours.

    After Haugen appeared in Washington on Tuesday from now on As a source of a series of revelations in the Wall Street Journal last month based on Facebook’s internal documents.They have a company on Instagram Impairs the mental health of teens And with changes to Facebook’s news feed feature (a central plan for user-service interaction), the platform became more polarized and split.

    Her evidence against the senator included allegations that Facebook knew that Instagram users were being directed to anorexia nervosa-related content. She said the algorithm “guided children from very harmless topics like healthy recipes … to content that promotes anorexia nervosa in a very short period of time.”

    In her opening testimony, Hogen, 37, said: The company’s leadership knows how to make Facebook and Instagram more secure, but it doesn’t make the necessary changes because it prioritizes astronomical interests over people. “She added that Facebook is” our safe and profitable. “

    Monday Stop for nearly 6 hours As Facebook platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp were disabled for billions of users, Haugen’s testimony added:

    Hogen warned that Facebook was making a “contrary to the public interest” choice and that the company should be treated like the tobacco industry. I was forced to hire a seatbelt or opioid company sued by a government agency.

    She said she needed to urge lawmakers to increase Facebook’s transparency and further scrutinize the algorithms that shape the content delivered to users. “The heart of the matter is that no one can better understand Facebook’s destructive choices than Facebook because only Facebook can see inside,” she said. By increasing transparency, she added, “We can build wise rules and standards for dealing with consumer harm, illegal content, data protection, anti-competitive practices, algorithmic systems, and more.” ..

    The hearing focused on the impact of the Facebook platform on children, and Haugen likened Instagram to tobacco. “It’s like tobacco … teenagers don’t have good self-regulation,” Haugen said, because of the anorexia nervosa-related content found on the Facebook platform, women roam with brittle bones 60 years later. I added that. NS Former Facebook Product Manager After copying tens of thousands of internal documents, I left the company in May.

    Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesperson, said in a tweet during the interview: “

    According to internal documents, Zuckerberg was given a Facebook platform “squash” and “soft options” to reduce virality in violent countries, but “meaningful,” according to Haugen. Refused to adopt them as they may affect “social interactions” or MSI. ..

    She added: “There are several selection documents, including notes from a briefing with Mark Zuckerberg. He defines them on Facebook rather than changes that significantly reduce misinformation, malicious language, and other exciting content. Selected indicators such as “meaningful social interaction”. “

    According to Haugen, Zuckerberg has set up a “very metric-driven” company. That’s because the longer people spend on the Facebook platform, the more attractive their business is to advertisers. Asked about Zuckerberg’s ultimate responsibility for the decision made on Facebook, she said:

    Haugen also warned that Facebook was “literally inciting ethnic violence” in places such as Ethiopia because it wasn’t properly cracking down on its services outside the United States.

    See the aftermath of January 6th Raid on the CapitolWhen protesters tried to overturn the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, Hogen said he would have to “break the glass” to restore the security settings that Facebook had set for the November poll. He said he was uneasy. Haugen, who worked for the Facebook team that monitors election interference globally, said these precautions were withdrawn after Joe Biden’s victory to boost platform growth.

    Among the reforms recommended by Haugen are ensuring that Facebook shares inside information and investigations with “appropriate” monitoring agencies such as Congress, allowing the algorithm’s impact on Facebook’s news feeds to be ranked in chronological order. Was to.

    Senator Ed Markey said Congress would take action. “My message to Mark Zuckerberg is: The time to invade our privacy and promote toxic content when preying on children and teens is over,” Marquee said. Told. “Parliament will take action. We no longer allow your company to harm our children, our families and our democracy.”

    Hogen lawyer I also filed at least 8 complaints The US financial watchdog has accused social media companies of continuously misleading investors about their approach to security and the size of their audience.

    Facebook A series of statements Disregarding Haugen’s document leak, he states: According to an Instagram survey, many teens find the app useful. He made a large investment in security at the expense of revenue. In the decades before Facebook came out, there was a lot of polarization in the United States. The company “prioritized fighting false information and providing reliable information.”

    In response to accusations that Facebook misunderstood the general public and regulators, the company said:

    Facebook spokesman Lena Pietsch told The New York Times on Tuesday: -We held point meetings with C-level executives and testified more than six times that they were not working on the subject in question. I disagree with her characterization of many of the issues she testified.

    “Nevertheless, we agree with one thing. It’s time to start creating standard rules for the Internet. It’s been 25 years since the rules for the Internet were updated, and the industry is a legislator. It’s time for Congress to act instead of expecting to make social decisions that belong to. “

    Whistleblowers claim Facebook is harming children and damaging democracy | Facebook

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