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Where Do the Duggars Live? Tour Their Homes, From Penthouse to Warehouse!

Where do the Duggars live? For many fans of the famous and controversial TLC family, the Duggar homestead is a familiar sight.

Jim Bob and Michelle built a 7,000-square foot Arkansas pad with the proceeds from their first TLC specials way back in the day.

Thirteen years and three more kids later, the house serves as the setting for two reality shows – and very large family gatherings. 

Of course, 13 years is a long time. Much of the younger Duggar generation has grown up and moved into homes of their own.

Some of the adult Duggars are just starting out – while some are already living the good life on some very enviable property.

Others … er, well, not so much.

Sit tight, we’ll get to that shortly.

The folks at celebrity gossip magazine In Touch took a look at all of the Duggar homes, and the findings were surprising.

So where do the Duggars live?

Buckle up. Let’s take a look:

The Compound

The Compound

Every Counting On fan is familiar with the massive Tontitown property known as the Duggar compound. But these days, several of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids have left the nest to establish homes of their own.

The Beginning …

The Beginning ...Pin

The Duggars’ story begins here, in this much more modest home in nearby Springdale, Arkansas. Not the kind of place in which you would want to raise 19 kids.

A Humble Start

A Humble StartPin

When the Duggars made their TV debut on Discovery Health, the network helped them with construction costs for their new home in Tontitown. Execs also filled up the family’s pantry, something Jim Bob and Michelle had difficulty doing in those days.

The Living Room

The Living RoomPin

The Duggars love the great outdoors (especially their big backyard) but when they’re inside the compound, this sprawling living room — with its sky-high ceilings — serves as the site of more Counting On scenes than any other.

The Master Bedroom

The Master BedroomPin

And this — as they used to say on MTV’s Cribs — is where the magic happens. Jim Bob and Michelle’s bedroom has been the site of an awful lot of baby-making.

The Master Bath

The Master BathPin

And this is the bathroom off of Jim Bob and Michelle’s room. We’re guessing this was roughly the size of the living room in their first house.

The Girls’ Room

The Girls' RoomPin

One of the downsides of life in such a large family? Even in such a large house, there’s very little privacy. The “girls’ room” at the Duggar compound has often been shared by four sisters at one time.

The Boys’ Room

The Boys' RoomPin

The boys’ room was often equally crowded, but on the plus side, at least it had a trap door that led down to the playroom.

The Playroom

The PlayroomPin

Yes, the boys were able to slide directly into a room devoted solely to kids’ recreation. Pretty cool!

Jana’s Nook

Jana's NookPin

No one has called the Duggar compound home longer than 30-year-old Jana, and while she still doesn’t have her own room, at least she’s been given a “nook” for her various projects.

Josh and Family

Josh and FamilyPin

The first Duggar child to leave the compound was Josh, but he’s mostly off the grid these days. Why? He and Anna sold their home in Arkansas for $285,000 last year … but haven’t bought a new one yet. So where are they living?

Hard Times

Hard TimesPin

Insiders have claimed that Josh, Anna, and their six kids are living in a small utility shack on his parents’ property. Some have described this as a windowless warehouse. Either way, this rumor has not been independently confirmed.

South of the Border

South of the BorderPin

After Josh left, it was Jill’s turn. Her first longterm non-compound home was in El Salvador, where she and husband Derrick Dillard worked as missionaries.

Back to Arkansas

Back to ArkansasPin

These days, Jill and Derick are living in much more spacious quarters. The couple built a home for themselves and their two sons in Lowell, Arkansas last year.

Jessa and Ben

Jessa and BenPin

Jessa married Ben Seewald not long after her older sister left the nest. These days, the couple calls these cozy quarters their home.

Jessa’s Living Room

Jessa's Living RoomPin

It may not be as big as the compound, but it’s got plenty of space for Jessa, Ben, and their three kids.

Streets of Laredo

Streets of LaredoPin

After starting their married life in a Houston apartment, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo moved into this spacious home in Laredo, Texas.

On the Road Again

On the Road AgainPin

These days, the couple has moved to Los Angeles along with their daughter, Felicity. Jeremy attends divinity school, and the Vuolos live in a free home provided by benefactors.

It’s a Start

It's a StartPin

Joy-Anna and Austin had similarly inauspicious beginnings, starting their married life in a small trailer.

Moving On Up

Moving On UpPin

These days, the couple has moved into a home not far from Jim Bob and Michelle. Renovations to the place were mostly done by Austin — as you can see, it’s still a work in progress.

It Happens Fast

It Happens FastPin

The Duggars are moving out and starting families so quickly these days it can be hard to keep up. Joseph and Kendra have already filled their new home with two kids of their own.

Very Fast

Very FastPin

The same can be said of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson, who also purchased their home with the help of Jim Bob’s house-flipping business.

On His Own

On His OwnPin

And then there’s Jed, who is not yet married, but who recently moved into a house owned by Jim Bob because it’s located in the district in which he hopes to win a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives.

No Place Like Home

No Place Like HomePin

But while they may be far-flung these days, the Duggars are always welcome back at the compound. The girls in the family designed this guest room where the kids often lay their heads on their visits to Jim Bob and Michelle.

More to Come

More to ComePin

There’s no telling what’s next for the Duggars. But you can bet it will involve expanding into even more property!

Josh Duggar’s House

Josh Duggar's HousePin

Along with his wife and kids, Josh Duggar has been living in a storage shed on his parents’ property. The rumors were confirmed during a recent episode of Counting On.

Josh’s House on Counting On

Josh's House on Counting OnPin

When the Duggars threw a surprise baby shower for Abbie Duggar, they did so in what was described as a “guest house.” Fans were quick to determine that it was actually Josh and Anna’s home.

Inside Josh and Anna’s House

Inside Josh and Anna's HousePin

The floors, walls, countertops and decor all matched with photos posted on Instagram by Anna.

Josh and Anna’s Kids at Home

Josh and Anna's Kids at HomePin

Anna never posted any exterior shots of the home, but by comparing her interior pics with scenes shot for Counting On, fans were able to confirm that she’s been living in a warehouse.

Just For Now

Just For NowPin

By all indications, Josh and Anna are still quite comfortable financially, and the warehouse is only a temporary arrangement.

From the Penthouse to the Warehouse

From the Penthouse to the WarehousePin

Even so, it serves as a reminder of just how far Josh has fallen since his days as a high-powered Washington lobbyist!

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