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    When should I upgrade my HDMI cables?

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    If you are buying New tv, NS Playstation 5 or Xbox series X / S, You may wonder if you need New HDMI cable..In fact, there is a new standard called HDMI 2.1, And its new standards include a new high-bandwidth cable called the “ultra-fast HDMI cable.” In fact, both new consoles include such a cable.

    However, most people probably don’t need a new cable. There are some important exceptions to that statement, and below is a list of potential reasons why you may need to upgrade your HDMI cable. Let’s start with the basic questions.

    If you are, do you need a new cable …

    … Would you like to buy a new TV?Probably not

    If you’re buying a new 4K TV and your current source works on your current TV, it probably works on your new TV as well. If you plan to purchase Ultra HD sources as well Roku, Ultra HD Blu-ray player Also One of the new game consoles, Current cables may also work with them.

    … buy a new 4K HDR streamer, UHD Blu-ray player, PS5 or Xbox X?Probably not

    NS Best streaming device, Blu-ray player And the latest versions of both games console It can output 4K HDR. If your HDMI cable is less than about 10 feet long, it probably works fine. If so, there may be a longer problem. Even if it works fine in normal 4K, HDR is additional data and can be too much for long runs.If you know the source, but you can’t get the HDR to appear on your TV And content HDR, cable Might be so It will be a problem. However, check all other settings first.

    … I want to run the game on 4K120 When Do you have a TV that supports that resolution or frame rate?Maybe

    NS Playstation 5 When Xbox series X / S It has a function to output 4K at 120 frames / second.Only a handful of TVs However, you can actually accept that frame rate.. Also, very few games can be run on 4K120. Most people don’t have all of them, so their current cable is probably fine. If you have one of these consoles, a TV that supports 4K120, and you want to play any of the 4K120-enabled games, and you need one or more of the cables that came with your console, you need to look at ultra-fast. HDMI cable.


    Brett Pearce / CNET

    … is your computer connected to your TV running 4K resolution?Maybe

    Your computer can send the maximum resolution and frame rate possible with current HDMI specifications. If you have a rugged computer and want to connect to a UHD TV, it’s super fast or at least worth getting it. Premium certified cable.. Uncertified cables may work, but they are less likely.

    … Do you handle TV images that are blinked, blinked, or otherwise cropped?Maybe

    If the TV image is randomly cropped (or not displayed at all), it could be a cable problem. If nothing has changed in the gear, it could be another problem, but the HDMI cable may be worn (always plugged in or unplugged, or the cable is on the floor and trampled. There is a possibility). The new low-cost HDMI cable is, at best, a cheap fix and, at worst, a cheap indicator that the problem is something else.

    On the other hand, if you buy a new TV and you don’t see the 4K or HDR content you sent, you may not be able to handle it with your cable. Another, but still cheap HDMI cable should work. Alternatively, you can spend a little more money to get a premium certified HDMI cable. This should definitely work. The ultra-fast HDMI cable may be overkill, but it’s perfectly backwards compatible with low resolution and frame rate, so it’s okay if the price is close.

    Samsung QN90AQ LED TVSamsung QN90AQ LED TV

    David Katzmaier / CNET

    Note: HDMI cable is “all or nothing”

    Current HDMI cables can be “fast”. This is exactly what they call it, and it does not break the laws of physics to allow electrons to move faster over them. High-speed HDMI cables are designed to handle 4K resolutions, but they don’t necessarily have to handle higher data versions like 4K HDR or higher frame rates for new consoles. A short cable of a few feet or a meter will probably handle the 4K60 without any problems. Longer cables may not. Even if the cable works in 4K, it may not work in 4K HDR.

    Or it may-it’s an annoying part. To be sure, there are too many variables. Unfortunately, “testing and verifying” is the only way. The good news is that with the HDMI mechanism, if the source device is sending 4K HDR and the TV is displaying 4K HDR, that’s perfect.

    There is no improvement available with more expensive cables. It’s either all or zero. The most likely scenario is that if the cable cannot handle the required resolution, the image will not be displayed at all, flickering or cropping, or in fairly common cases the source will revert to a lower resolution.

    That is, if you set Roku to send 4K and it flickers for a moment, your TV will display 1080p. This may be because the cable cannot handle enough signals.

    For most people, an inexpensive HDMI cable will suffice. If you run into problems, it may be worth considering an upgrade.But just because you’re buying new gear, or because there’s a new HDMI standard that doesn’t necessarily mean you Must upgrade.

    HDMI Input-Getty Images-15731226-mbbirdyHDMI Input-Getty Images-15731226-mbbirdy

    Getty Images / mbbirdy

    save money

    Let’s say you decide you need a new HDMI cable. Do I need to spend extra money on ultra-fast HDMI cables to stay “future”? In principle, no, but in most cases ultra-fast HDMI cables are much less expensive than “normal” cables. Regardless of the spec, there’s no reason to spend $ 10 to $ 20 or more on a 3-foot cable. For less than that price, you can find an ultra-fast HDMI cable.

    The bottom line is to keep your current cables working, if they work. If you get new gear and the cables continue to work, keep them. If you get a new gear and you don’t get the resolution you can get with the new gear, you probably only need a new, cheap, high-speed cable.check out Best HDMI cable For more information on the specific cables to consider.

    You are a gamer Playstation 5 Also Xbox series X If you plan to buy a TV that supports 4K120 input, consider an ultra-fast HDMI cable. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot on them either. They usually cost just a few dollars per foot over better high-speed cables.

    Note: This article was first published in 2017, but has been updated with new links and information.

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