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    When it comes to EV range, 520 miles is too much

    You can say what you want about Lucid Motors and their upcoming air luxury sedans, but you can’t call their PR team “shy.”

    “Absolute victory in efficiency” Read the headline.. “Lucid Air achieves a range of 520 miles … defeats the closest competition over 100 miles.”

    Think about it.There is a fast and comfortable electric car that goes perfectly 520 miles Before you have to stop and plug it in. As Jasper said when he got off the Kwik-E-Mart freezer, “when is it to live?”

    But you really even I want An electric car that can go 520 miles? The more you look at that number, the more the answer to that question will be: Maybe i don’t..

    You don’t have to go 520 miles

    For some reason, you don’t have to travel 520 miles non-stop in one shot. Even the most optimistic scenario of open road driving at stable 75 mph, it is a solid drive of 7 hours. The food will not break. There is no bathroom break. In other words, nothing, but the stable sound of the wind blowing around the side mirrors and the tires rolling across the asphalt. 7 hours.

    With the exception of possible Alex Roy Those who think that most Cannonball drivers are urinating in the water bottle, but some are urinating across the front seats of the dedicated RENNtech Mercedes-Benz CL600, really want to spend that long in the car. Is there anyone who thinks? Not so, of course, but it’s a Straumann, and here at TTAC it’s better than that. Still, to understand what the Lucid range is, you need to understand what it is not.And what is it No It is a response to actual needs.

    No doubt, it’s still a response. Once you understand exactly what it’s a reaction to, you can start understanding what Lucid Air really is and who it’s for.

    500 miles is a symbol

    Range anxiety. As far as I’m talking about electric cars, it seems like I’m talking about distance anxiety and the goalpost seems to be moving all the time. For their honor, Lucid seems to understand it. That’s why they chose to target that “500 miles” bogey, as 500 miles symbolizes “driving a day” for most people.

    Heck, Lucido probably has This article Posted somewhere (or very similar to) the headquarters in Newark, California. Save clicks. “Do not drive more than 9 hours a day, except for breaks,” says Road Trip Expert. “For every 4.5 hours of driving, you need to take a 45-minute break. For long-distance driving, this means you can safely drive about 500 miles a day.”

    It is said that you can drive Lucid all day without worrying about charging, without saying clearly.

    This is a strong statement, but it’s useless to anyone who is remotely aware of the state of the 2021 electricity charge, which is likely to result in the first major delivery of Lucid Air Grand Touring. This is what I mean.

    Lucid Range Screenshot

    Yes, kids – it takes 28 minutes to fully charge the Lucid Air Grand Touring after more than 450 miles of non-stop driving at 75 mph.

    28 minutes.. It’s barely enough time to stuff the McSubway King combo meal into your face using the excellent bathroom-based Reddit scrolls.

    The other day, when I was riding a shotgun with my best friend Matt Tesuque and Tesla Model 3, I was thinking about the charging time of 28 minutes. We connected his car to one of the many Tesla superchargers scattered around Irvine, California. I got a grilled cheese sandwich from the In-N-Out Burger across the parking lot... In other words, nothing is flashy. And by the time we were full, so was the car, so we were ready to drive another 230 miles.

    As for downtime, the 20-minute stop is already It’s comparable to an interstate highway stop that includes pumping up a full tank of gas, restroom breaks, and a quick meal … but if you’ve never experienced such a stop on your own in an EV, it’s probably possible. I don’t believe it. Impossible, today – When Them Lucid is the people who are trying to surprise in that 520-mile EPA range.

    There’s only one problem: those people aren’t going to buy Lucid Air.

    Lucido’s sales destination

    From the beginning, Lucido has presented itself to the world as a replacement for the premium Tesla.Where Tesla did Falling bumper, Flying moon roof, and Home Depot level assembly line hacking, Lucid will be different. They told us that the quality of the build would be great. Sit on Lucid Air and enjoy the sensation with high-quality materials and a highly complete, thoroughly devised user interface. In other words, there are no consumer beta tests here. Lucid Air was promised to be as good as the Tesla Model S designed by Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson.

    Everything promised in 2016 When Atieva / Lucid first announced its intention to manufacture and sell electric high-performance luxury cars.. The Tesla Model 3 didn’t exist yet. There were no Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, Russian R1T. No GMC Hummer, And surely Cybertruck.. In fact, there were only two EVs available. Model S, Other bundles unrelated to..

    When Lucids starts today, finally! – – Assembly line roll-off,it’s not. Lucid is not competing with Tesla to enter the EV market, but competing with Cadillac, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Polestar to enter the EV market. It’s just here in the United States. In the very important Chinese market, there are more competitors and they are getting better every day.

    So, sure, maybe Lucid Air teeth It’s a better build than the Model S, but even Tesla buyers are starting to move from the Model S, as evidenced by the growing number of Tesla in used car inventory at Porsche and Audi dealers. .. Do you think Lucid can compete with Porsche and Audi for build quality? How about Mercedes Benz? In my opinion, this is a very different proposal than going from toe to toe in a Model 3 IKEA level interior.

    lucid air exterior 18

    So who do you really sell Lucido to?

    Within that 500-mile range, the target Lucid buyer seems to be a luxury car buyer who happens to be an EV holdout, but not necessarily the one who lives and dies from the roar of a V8 engine. Instead, this is an EV holdout that says something like this: [some arbitrary number] Miles of distance “, or” when they go 0-60 faster than mine [generic Boomer/tribal tattoo muscle car].. And frankly, the guy sounds like he might be an engineer.

    Engineers think in those terms, as you see: Target. Lucid’s engineering briefs are easy to understand because they don’t have to be hidden by traditional styling cues or be “real” to the brand. They had a target Cd, a target acceleration time, and a target range – perhaps there was a target door gap. Because the Lucid Air is literally the car you get if you leave the entire show to the engineers. This is Rawlinson. He is an engineer, as Ferdinand Piëch was. But unlike Piëch, his decades of history and brand heritage do not affect his company’s products.

    Also, unlike Piech, Peter Rawlinson does not attack me as a racer, despite Stint’s role in Jaguar and Lotus Cars and Lucido’s role as a battery supplier in Formula E. Motorsport seems to be a problem for him to solve. Respect and admiration for a man. However, Piëch understood that motorsport was not a rational pursuit.

    Heck, Piech knew better than most that no finest machine of any kind was a rational pursuit. That’s why it’s his vanity project. Bugatti Veyron When Volkswagen XL1 – Sure, it was built to hit the target, but they felt like a much more confrontational flexion of the mental muscles.

    lucid air exterior 09

    Lucido? Lucido looks like a very smart car. The market was created by very smart people who believe they are smart enough to notice that they have great products. A product that is faster, more efficient, and more tightly packed than everything else.

    Lucid is very likely to be all of them, but these things are rarely important to wealthy enthusiasts who are asked to let go of Lucid Air Pure’s $ 77,400. It goes without saying that Lucid wants a Dream Edition Air. In other words, The Mustang Mach-E could be one of the fastest, most efficient and best Mustangs ever manufactured. – It’s certainly better than my Fox-body 5.0 in every way – but still “Not a real MustangTo many people … and those people are not affected by the 520 mile range. I feel that the buyers of Mercedes-Maybach S and Alpina B7 are not affected by it.

    And because of its value, I would rather spend some time enjoying lunch and going a little further after 3-4 hours of driving-what about you?

    [Images: Lucid, screenshot from Chargeway app]

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    When it comes to EV range, 520 miles is too much

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