“When a baby is born at QAnon and a tea party”: Ron Johnson runs for the US Senate again | Republican


The Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, a hardline Trump supporter who was once described as “what you get when you have a baby at a tea party with QAnon,” is the third step he promised never to take. It is reported that he has decided to ask for.

two Republican He confirmed Johnson’s plans with the Associated Press and said he could announce them early next week. Johnson did not comment.

Given that Johnson has emerged as a major proponent of both election fraud and Donald Trump’s lies on Covid-19, both parties are likely to welcome the news. False alarm..

The Trump-dominated Republican Party, which supported Johnson, will avoid the chaotic primary party in its third run.

Within the Democratic Party, Johnson is expected to win the November contest, deciding to rule the Senate’s 50-50 split and helping to rule through Vice President Kamala Harris.

Democrats are anxious to maintain the Senate as Republicans support regaining the House of Representatives. In particular, after Trump came to power, Joe Biden distorted the possibility of appointing at least one justice to the Supreme Court 6-3.

Earlier this month, Republican operative Brandon Schortz said: Told hill: “I think almost every Republican inside and outside Wisconsin wants Ron Johnson to run because he’s at stake. That’s the majority of the Republican Senate. If he doesn’t run, That makes it more difficult. “

Ben Nuckels, a Democrat in Wisconsin, said: And I hope he runs. His candidacy makes the race much more competitive for the Democrats. If the Republicans want his execution, I agree with them about it. “

In 2016, Johnson promised not to hold a third election, and the promise was revoked when the Democratic Party conquered Congress and the White House.

Wisconsin is a fierce battle state.Joe Biden won With less than 21,000 votes in 2020, after Trump won a similarly thin victory in 2016. In the medium term, parties without a white house will generally make a profit. For example, in 2010, under Barack Obama, the Republicans won 63 and 6 seats in the Senate.

Johnson opposes Obama’s reform of the medical system, Right wing donor.. He defeated incumbent Democrat Russell D. Feingold and defeated him again in 2016.

Johnson is currently one of Trump’s most noisy defenders. Standing beside him After an attack on the US Capitol last year.Senator Supported conspiracy theory Electoral fraud and attacks on the Capitol. On the legitimate side of Trump’s attempt to maintain power, Johnson planned to oppose the consequences in Arizona, He changed his mind After the event on January 6th.

But in a statement he said he still refused “”Dismissing the legitimate concerns of tens of millions of Americans who have lost confidence in the fairness of our system and our election process. “

newspaper Asked him to resign..Wisconsin Journal Said: “Johnson’s last-minute change of mind may be seen as evidence of his conscience. Still, his flip-flops … escape from the scene of the accident as the driver hears the siren in the distance. It’s more accurate to see it as a hit-and-run driver-just go back to the scene and flip your insurance card through the window and continue driving. “

“These men are cowards,” referring to Johnson and the Republicans, who disagreed with the results of the electoral college.

Johnson is also Loud voice For unproven Covid treatment, he accused federal agencies of failing to approve drugs that were approved early in the pandemic and opposed public health measures, including mandatory vaccines.

Earlier this week, leader Dr. Rob Davidson Committee to protect health care, Advocacy group, “Begging“Look at the last two weeks” of Johnson’s feed on Twitter and shut him down, just like Marjorie. [Taylor] green”.

Green, a Georgian extremist It was erased Last week on Twitter, I spread the false information about Covid.

Johnson “has at least five Covid misinformation / disinformation strikes,” Davidson added.

Johnson Protested Twitter’s decision on tweets about Covid.

Democratic Party running Confronting Johnson includes the Vice Governor. Mandera BarnsAlex Lasry, executive of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. And the state treasurer, Sara Godrevsky.

Burns on friday Said: “Ron Johnson has failed, and Wisconsin voters know it. Only the wealthy extraordinary interests and large donors who killed during his stay in Washington are supporting Johnson’s decision. is.”

Also on Saturday, John Thune, a member of the Senate Republican leadership, said he would run for the fourth term. His state, South Dakota, is not as competitive as Wisconsin.

“When a baby is born at QAnon and a tea party”: Ron Johnson runs for the US Senate again | Republican

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