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This is another edition Dear Sophie’s advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working for a technology company.

“Your question is essential to disseminating knowledge that enables people around the world to pursue their dreams across national borders,” he says. Sophia archon, Silicon Valley Immigration Lawyer. “Whether you’re involved in people’s activities, you’re the founder, or you’re looking for a job in Silicon Valley, I’m Answer your question In the next column. “

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Dear Sophie,

Great news! After a long COVID delay, my fiancé finally arrived in the United States on her K visa.

We are thinking of elopement to Las Vegas for a simple wedding so that we can start her green card application. (In Silicon Valley, you have to wait a few months to get your marriage license.)

After we file, we want to have a big wedding in the spring with her family and friends in her hometown, and go on our honeymoon. Is it allowed?

— Happy with Hayward

Dear happiness,

Congratulations on your reunion with your fiancé K-1 visa And your next wedding! My legal partner, Anita Koumriqian, has been devoted to her own wedding plans in recent months. Therefore, in addition to being an expert in family immigration law, she is married, including the jurisdiction of the local Silicon Valley, which has a residence requirement for a marriage license, and the time it generally takes to obtain a marriage certificate. Very familiar with everything related to.About us Podcast, We talked about wedding planning, marriage licenses, applications Green card for spouse Once you get married, and what you should and should not prove to immigrants that your marriage is legal.

Always consult an immigration lawyer first and never rely on Google for the green card process. See the previous podcast for more details. Engagement, what is it now?

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Las Vegas is still possible

Once you have your marriage certificate, you can apply for your wife’s green card. Locally Santa Clara When San Francisco Due to the nearby COVID, the county is still stuck in issuing a marriage license Santa Cruz County You can get married in California faster.

What’s allowed between a K-1 visa and a green card? – TechCrunch Source link What’s allowed between a K-1 visa and a green card? – TechCrunch

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