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Hello, welcome back Equity, A podcast about startup businesses. Uncover the numbers and nuances behind the headline.

This is us Monday Our short lamp to the show on Tuesday, the week we talk about a bigger picture to get our feet wet. I’m one day late due to an American holiday, but thanks to my schedule I can say later this day. But slower than ever, this is what we started:

  • Worse days for assets: Stocks around the world have fallen sharply, and software stocks have been hit further in the major US markets.
  • Microsoft wants to buy Activision Blizzard For about $ 69 billion. Is it a lot of money for a game studio recently featured in a scandal?And really, Microsoft need To grow up? come. It has already consumed several gaming companies and is worth over $ 2 trillion. At what point do regulatory agencies regulate?
  • Clockwise raises $ 45 million! This is a very neat round from a very cool company. Aisha Malik Covered on TechCrunch earlier today. If you need more, her post is here..

From tomorrow, we will return to the normal schedule and the year-end and New Year holidays will be delayed. To work!

What to make of the Microsoft-Blizzard deal – TechCrunch Source link What to make of the Microsoft-Blizzard deal – TechCrunch

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