What is the opposite of reducing carbon dioxide emissions?


Why switch to an electric car? So I’m not talking about the need to “better” with Mother Earth and baby kangaroos — Even Randy Newman did not bomb the baby kangaroo — But with EV Spent billions of dollars to lower prices And do people build chargers to make the world a better place just by looking at them as a way to eat and eat cakes? In other words, are you really reducing your carbon emissions? £ 9,046 GMC Hummer Pick out?

That’s right, kids. Future all-electric Hummers will tilt the scale above 4.5 tonnes — and it’s a “just” pickup. SUVs carry more glass, seats, and carpet than pickups, so they’re probably heavier. Despite having enough mass to generate its own gravity, the GMC badged truck can rocket up to 60mph in less than 4 seconds, a worthy legacy of military cosplay favorites. So you can effectively go through the unspoilt wilderness (Punisher Window stickers are not included).

It is enough to raise your hand and say “Why bother !?”When That, Dear B & B, led me to ask myself a question: what would I drive if I just didn’t give af ***?

Stop pretending that we are practical people

Efficiency was by no means a hot seller in the United States – the fact that it was completely destined for the “first generation” of modern EVs like the Nissan Leaf and tadpoles has also been put into practice, but 100,000. The dollar Tesla Model S broke the sales record with a drug racing Hellcats on YouTube. Similarly, Americans buy literally millions of trucks each year. There are guns, but this isn’t political, it’s just a statement about American buying habits.

We buy such things for low percent use cases. You may need a gun, so buy one. You may need a truck, so buy a truck. It’s America. Want to sell to America? Create a compelling 1% use case for a premium priced product and watch everyone buy it. Do you think I’m wrong? If you are old enough to remember the “necessity” to buy a cell phone “for an emergency”, you know I’m right.

Now let’s stop pretending to buy something for someone, or pretending that the Corolla or Civic doesn’t easily meet our needs, and accept the miserable excess of the MegaRexx Megaraptor.


You absolutely don’t need Megaraptor

Reading this as an American, you may want to consider a small percentage of use cases where Megaraptor can meet that need. If you come up with it, you are better than me.Still, it’s hard to find something strange and compelling about what mental illness has led these people. Take a full-size Ford Super Duty pickup, lift it, strengthen the suspension, and fit an aggressive style body kit that’s completely 18 inches wider than the stock. — And boldly try to sell things.

They also sold some — whether it was for their credit or for something that would eventually be used against them. EPA court hearing As seen.

I think most of the trucks are very powerful, almost impossible, like Megaraptor – well, whatever the opposite of a “green” car. Doubly so with coal rolling down the freeway at 80 mph for the owner with a single digit mpg number.

Remember the 9,046 lbs weight that the new Hummer pulls? According to Google The heaviest Ford F-Series F350 Crew Cab weighs “just” at 7,737 pounds... Given the “worst case” scenario here, it’s easy to imagine that the MegaTruxx kit will add more than £ 1,300. For large trucks.

Starting with the lightest F-350 to build Megaraptor, the finished ride weighs over 3,000 pounds. Less than From the electrified GMC (3,168 pounds in my math). There is still no way to balance GMC’s environmentally friendly choice.


I have your cake and I’m eating it too much

Sounds ridiculous, but GMC’s big Hummer is actually teeth Despite the weight penalty, it is significantly more energy efficient than Megaraptor. Assuming GM’s claim about Hummer’s efficiency is true, heavy-duty trucks provide a driving range of 1.7 miles per kWh of energy consumption.According to this Convenient dandy conversion calculator I found it online (and everything on the internet is true, right?) And it’s over 57MPGe.

That seems pretty good. In other words, I haven’t got 57mpg in Megaraptor. Fuck of course. And yes, measuring the carbon impact of a vehicle isn’t just about the simple energy efficiency and fuel economy of things, but as far as out-of-context statistics are concerned, it’s pretty compelling.


To be honest, I’m not sure what to do. I completely predicted that Hammer would be significantly worse in energy than Megaraptor, and I expected to point the finger of ancient blame on GM to greenwash the heaviest product of the top kick of this size, but today. I can’t do that. Even the old Boogeyman, who said, “Coal is needed to make all the electricity,” was completely exposed. We produce more electricity than ever before and use less coal than ever before. And that’s according to Trump’s 2020 administration..

Fortunately, I don’t have to stay confused for a long time. You’re the best and brightest, sure you can see an SUV over £ 9,000 and make it worse for the planet than a £ 5,000 pickup, right? You can make it make sense.

Anyway, I really hope you can – a well-groomed finger while Hummer comes to your city soon and distracts and yells at the spoiled and unprivileged children in the backseat. Will hunt you down over £ 9,000. Of electric steel. Also, if the count exceeds 3, it counts at 60 mph or more, and we are always sticking to “environmental awareness”.

People, live in fear. Live in fear.

[Images: GMC]

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What is the opposite of reducing carbon dioxide emissions?

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