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    What is the game design process?

    Idea development

     You have a great idea!  How do you write it down?

    Sooner or later, everyone will find the most suitable way of writing for themselves: someone will write 60-page projects and documents, and someone will write a bunch of notes on one page, understandable to him alone.

    * Zest.  Why do you think the idea behind your game is great?  For me, this is the most important point in the project.  As soon as you decide on the “highlight” of your game, it will not be difficult for you to write the remaining points of the project!  Does your game make you think about something?  Maybe she’s scandalous?  Or is it a remake of the classics of the past?  Or is it something new that no one has ever developed?

    * Mechanics.  What, how and for what purpose your player is doing – this is the gameplay of your game.  For example: the QWOP keys can be used for simple movement or communication in the game’s “mystical chat”, but they can also be used for many combat combinations, as in the game “Dwarf Fortress”.

    * Plot.  What story do you want to tell to all those who play your game?  What emotions will they experience?  Each game has its own story.  If the plot of your game is not so obvious, the player himself can come up with it.  The story can be made up in the 2048 numbers game.  The player, playing the popular strategy “Civilization”, can come up with the history of the formation of his state.  Even in the game “Monument Valley”, with its silence, everyone thinks out their own story.  Think about what story your game will tell?

    * Calculate video game budgets.  To know the approximate amount that the game will cost.


    Now it’s time to work on the implementation of your ideas!  Think about how to make your UI (user interface) unique so that it has a clear and consistent color theme, fonts, shapes, icons, and at the same time remains the most functional.  Think about how easy it is to read the information from the interface?  Are the colors, fonts, and icons distracting?

     2D animation

    You have two options for creating 2D animations:

    * Frame by frame.  Here you will have to draw each frame of the animation and then piece them together.  To do this, you should use sprite sheets along with TexturePacker (or, if you are using Unity, Sprite Packer).

    * Skeletal animation.  Draw all the desired limbs of the object and then animate, changing their position relative to the previous state.  This animation is faster, easier, and saves space on your hard drive compared to frame-by-frame animation.  If you decide to create 2D animation and are using the Unity engine – try starting with sprite animation or Anima2D.

     General design tips:

    -Split elements into tiles to create tiled images and save hard disk space.

    -Make each texture or object a multiple of size 4 and strength of 2 (a measure of image quality) to save memory.

    -If you are using Photoshop, use File> Export> Layers to Files to quickly export each layer as a file (e.g. PNG or JPEG).

    Making games is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.  However, it is very energy consuming.  Therefore, it is better to contact the specialists in the video game designing process.

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