What is the ‘delta plus’ variant of the coronavirus?


What is a “Delta Plus” variant?Credits: AP Illustration / Peter Hamlin

What is a “Delta Plus” variant?

This is a relative of the Delta variant identified by British scientists last month.

It is not a variant of interest or concern, so it is not officially named after the Greek letters, like other interesting variants.

Scientists are monitoring a delta-related variant (known as AY.4.2) to see if it is more susceptible or deadly than previous versions of the coronavirus. In a recent report, British officials said the variant was “on an increasing track”, accounting for 6% of all COVID-19 cases analyzed domestically.

The variant has two mutations in the peplomer that help the coronavirus invade cells in the body. These changes have been seen in other versions of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic, but not too far, says François Barrow, director of the Institute of Genetics at the University College of London.

In a public session this week, Maria Van Kerkhove, technology leader on COVID-19 at the World Health Organization, said the delta variant is “by far the most dominant variant in terms of global distribution.” ..

“Delta dominates, but Delta is evolving,” she said, adding that the more the virus circulates, the more likely it is to have to mutate.

The United Nations Health Organization is currently tracking 20 variations of the Delta variant. AY.4.2 is “notable because we need to keep an eye on how this virus is changing,” Van Kerkhove said.

In the United States, delta variants account for almost all COVID-19 cases. New “Delta Plus” variants have been discovered “sometimes”, but that’s not a concern yet. Health authorities Said.

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