What Is the Average Cost For Junk Removal?


Let’s face it: we all do accumulate junk and all of us eventually need to get rid of it. Of course, that doesn’t fly if you’d like to end up on TV with a special hoarders episode. Maybe you only want an upgrade in your home or you’ve renovated. Perhaps you inherited a property that needs a cleanout. The reasons could be as ample as the costs for junk removal vary. If you hire a team, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and time though.

What Is the Average Cost For Junk Removal

How Much Do You Want to Get Rid Of?

Prices for disposal are usually based on the volume of your junk. It depends on how much you’ve got and also if you’d take out the trash yourself. Thus you end up with two options:

  • Professional removal team
  • Dumpster rental

Advantages of a professional team

Professional service comes around at a time that’s convenient for you to collect anything you want them to take. You don’t necessarily have to create a pile for them as they also come into your home to haul out your items. You practically only have to point at the item you wish to disappear and that’s it. If you don’t have the time to be around, you can also hand them the keys to your place. This would be the perfect option if there’s nothing that you’d like to keep in a property (or also outside). The best of a professional is, you don’t have to lift a single finger. There’s absolutely no heavy lifting involved for you.

Advantages of a dumpster

You can rent a dumpster for a couple of weeks and just fill it at your own accord. The rental of a dumpster always has the same price. It doesn’t vary according to weight or volume like it’s the case with a junk removal team. You’d only have to pay some extra if you’ve overfilled it. If it’s not as much to dispose of, you can also rent dumpster bags as a cheaper alternative. Either the dumpster or the dumpster bag is placed at your property and collected after a given time. If you’ve got the time to haul out the junk yourself, this might be the better and even cheaper option.

What Is the Average Cost For Junk Removal?

Average Junk Removal Costs

Removal costs vary greatly. They are generally based either on the volume of your junk or on its weight. However, some services also collect single items. Other factors playing a role include:

  • Gas prices
  • The difficulty of hauling out your junk
  • Time for removal
  • Season
  • The area you live in

Of course, gas prices are a factor for junk removal costs. Without a truck, you can’t remove junk and it needs gas to run. The more difficult it is to haul out your junk, the more expensive it gets. For example, if you live on the tenth floor and have no elevator, hauling out a sofa would be a difficult job. The less time junk removers require for hauling out, the cheaper it gets. This can be achieved by having your junk ready to go.

Removal services are high in demand during spring and fall. During these times of the year, most people do a spring or fall cleanup and let go of a lot respectively. They’re less busy in summer or winter which can lower removal costs.

Let’s not forget your region. The lower the living standard in your area, the lower j costs are. But this does also work both ways since it’s always more costly in areas with higher costs of living.

On the bottom line, the average cost for removal is about $210, whereas junk removal services generally start at $ 70. The most expensive ones come to $ 580. A dumpster rental ranges between $ 300 and $ 500 and dumpster bags are usually at half the price.

What Is the Average Cost For Junk Removal?

What’s Included in Junk Removal Costs

Obviously, the above-mentioned costs are already in the removal’s costs. But those are just the key factors that influence the pricing. Fully professional services have insurance, have to pay bookkeepers, utilities for their premises, maintenance for their trucks, and drop-off fees.

They are legally obliged to properly dispose of your junk which means that some of it will go to the landfill. Dropping off at landfills always requires a fee. If you did it on your own, you may pay only $ 50 at a disposal site. But you’ve probably got a friend who can help you with bulk items or you can handle your stuff alone. Disposal teams usually can’t handle the junk themselves and need help from a colleague. Accordingly, there are additional labor costs involved.

What Is the Average Cost For Junk Removal?

Cheaper Removals

You’ll always find offers by private entities for cheaper removals on Craigslist or on TaskBunny. But it’s private people who only earn a few bucks on the side. They are not insured which can turn into a huge problem if you chose them. Imagine you’d hire one of those guys to remove an old fridge. One of the guys loses his grip on the fridge and it drops onto his toe. His toe is broken and needs to be treated at the hospital.

Firstly, your fridge will remain where it is. Secondly, the injury of the guy with the broken toe isn’t covered by any insurance. And what if they accidentally push over your expensive vase during the haul out? No one can compensate you. And there’s unfortunately also another danger. Some fraudsters impersonate as a junk removal service but have ulterior motives. So, be careful when dealing with a company.

Parting Words

It’s fairly easy to lower costs, but keep in mind that a cheaper service doesn’t necessarily equal superb junk removal either. Collect estimates of several removal services and choose the one with all included fees that are cheapest. To save more money, you should consider selling and donating your stuff first. The less you have to haul away, the lower the costs will be.

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