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    What Is Light Therapy 5 Things to Know

    For much of the country, winter is a time where the sun hides behind a thick wall of clouds for weeks at a time. Snow, rain, and cold air make the landscape harsh and monotonous. And most people stay huddled up inside for the majority of the season.

    While some people enjoy winter, as it allows them to participate in their favorite activities, many people experience depression during winter. Lack of natural light exposure can create chemical imbalances in the body. Luckily, light therapy exists to help you get through the winter.

    What is light therapy, and why is it important to maintain a healthy body and mind when the clouds roll in? Read on below for five important things to know.

    1. SAD Is Real

    When winter sets in, about 5% of Americans feel depressed. A higher percentage experience some of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), such as reduced energy or overeating, without experiencing downturns in their mood.

    Without natural light from the sun, our bodies aren’t able to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin at the same levels. Less serotonin means less happiness.

    1. Light Is the Answer

    So does light therapy work? Light therapy uses artificial UV light, such as light therapy lamps or boxes. The goal is to use the light source for between 30 and 60 minutes every morning.

    The UV light stimulates nerve endings in your eyes and activates the lateral habenula in the brain. This helps to naturally boost your mood.

    1. Use With or Without Medication

    Light therapy has been tested against the use of medication for providing relief from seasonal depression. It was found that light therapy worked much better than medication alone. But light and medication combined provided the most powerful relief.

    1. Different Types of Light Therapy

    There are different types of light therapy to try. Yellow light therapy is commonly used for healthier skin. Yellow or amber light has a shallow penetration level and helps to heal surface-level skin issues by rejuvenating skin cells and increasing blood flow.

    Red light therapy helps to strengthen mitochondria in the skin, boosting the energy in the skin cells and increasing healing power. It’s used to promote the healing of skin wounds and to provide pain relief from things like arthritis.

    1. Alternatives to Light Therapy

    If you find yourself still feeling depressed with the addition of light therapy, or want to maximize its effectiveness, additional treatment could help.

    If you have yet to, you should visit a medical cannabis doctor to see how cannabis can help you. Marijuana and CBD products are widely used to help treat depression, as well as help with stress and anxiety.

    There’s a chance that the combination of cannabis with light therapy could provide huge relief.

    So What Is Light Therapy Good for?

    So what is light therapy, and what is it good for? Our bodies need sunlight. When sunlight is missing from our day-to-day lives, chemicals in our body can become unbalanced, producing negative effects like seasonal depression.

    Light therapy is best for treating seasonal or minor depressive symptoms. It can also be used in various forms to treat skin issues and alleviate physical pain.

    Looking for more information like this? Visit our blog now to keep reading.


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