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    What Happens Next in the Senate

    After a few months of start and stop The house has passed President Joe Biden’s $ 1.7 trillion social safety net and climate change bill on Friday.

    The process will not be any easier for Democrats as the bill goes to the Senate.

    Senate leader Chuck Schumer wants to pass the Buildback Better Act by Christmas. To do so, all members of the 50 caucuses, from conservative West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to Vermont Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, need to support the same drastic plan. there is.

    Several senators will demand changes to the bill’s provisions, including paid leave and taxes, along the way. A separate vote is required in the House of Representatives to make fine adjustments. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can allow three departures (only one member of Maine, Jared Golden, voted against the bill on Friday).

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (C), D-CA, spoke at a press conference with Democratic leaders after the Buildback Better Act was passed at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on November 19, 2021. ..

    Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

    Congress leaves Washington during Thanksgiving Week and sets a December rush to approve the bill before the capital’s attention shifts to the 2022 midterm elections. In a statement after the House of Commons vote on Friday, Schumer said that the Senate would package the package after completing “necessary technical and procedural work” to ensure that Senators were in compliance with budget adjustment rules. He said he would take it up. A special process allows Democrats to approve plans with a simple majority without a Republican vote.

    “We will bring this bill to President Biden’s desk and act as quickly as possible to provide assistance to middle-class families,” he said.

    Changes are coming in the Senate

    The Senate may make changes before passing the bill. Manchin, who has not publicly approved the package, will seek at least one overhaul because he has expressed concern about spending and inflation.

    He signaled that most Americans be pushed to abolish the house clause, which provides four weeks of paid vacation.

    Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona) is another Democrat who may try to influence the Senate bill. She has already discontinued the party’s efforts to raise taxes on the largest businesses and the wealthiest individuals, forcing lawmakers to choose more complex policies such as minimum taxes on businesses.

    CNBC politics

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    The tax system can be one of the biggest problems in the Senate. Senator Sanders and Bob Menendez, DN.J. Disputed the House’s proposal to raise the state and local tax deduction limit from $ 10,000 to $ 2030 to $ 80,000.

    This policy, defended by Pelosi, will disproportionately help wealthy Americans as part of a bill sold to the Democratic family as a boon. It will also sacrifice Treasury income.

    “You can’t be a party that talks about demanding fair tax payments from wealthy people, and you end up with a bill that gives millionaires big tax deductions. You can’t,” said Senate Budget Sanders. The chairman of the meeting said in a tweeted statement Thursday. “Hypocrisy is too strong. It’s a bad policy, a bad politics.”

    In another statement on Friday, Sanders promised to “strengthen better buildback legislation” in the Senate, citing tax policy, drug prices, Medicare expansion and climate policy.

    Democrats will probably have to compromise on tax deductions. A few Democrats in high-tax states such as Newyork and New Jersey have lifted the cap as a condition to support the bill.

    Another tax system that may surface in the Senate is a proposal from Democratic Senator Ron Wyden to tax billionaire assets. Mr Golden said Friday that the bill could be upheld when it returns to the House of Representatives by including a fine-tuning of the Senate Finance Committee’s chairman’s taxation on billionaires or state and local deduction limits.

    In another possible change, the Senator may make a House proposal to establish limited legal protection for millions of undocumented migrants.

    After the House passed that version of the bill on Friday, Pelosi admitted that she was likely to have to resolve the differences with the Senate.

    “This bill is now transformed towards their committee, at which point we’ll see where we need to adjust our differences, but in the end, we’re great. You will have a bill, “she said. ..

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    What Happens Next in the Senate

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