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    What happened to the ‘Do Not Call’ list? – Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland, Ohio 2021-11-21 10:41:14 –

    Huntington, West Virginia (WOWK) – FCC says Spam calls are on the rise In some parts of the country.

    Fraudsters try to trick unsuspecting people into leaking personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, and passwords.

    Also, some residents say they have signed up for various apps and systems to avoid receiving these calls, but they are still successful.

    You might think that you can protect you just by signing up for the Do Not Call registry, but it’s not always easy.

    “NS’Do not call the registry‘It still exists. Also, the problem of “don’t call the registry” is that current technology allows forgery of the calling phone number. Therefore, you can choose a random phone number in the community and use that number to make a call, basically by running an electronic wizard, “said Bill Gardner, an assistant professor of cybersecurity at Marshall University. I am saying.

    Although useful, he states that the phone ban list has some drawbacks, including the inability to block calls from charities and politics.

    Gardner also states that these scammers will target those who answer the phone.

    “Usually it’s the elderly who don’t know what’s going on. People who don’t have an email call and say,” This is the IRS. “” This is the FBI and the social security card. It’s just expired, “says Gardner.

    What can I do to stop them?

    “Don’t answer the phone. If you don’t know the phone number, don’t answer the phone. Even if you know the phone number, pick up the phone and someone personally knows your current living conditions and financial information. Be careful when asking a specific question, just don’t give it away, “Gardner explains.

    As the holiday season approaches, he says, there is an increase in reported fraudulent calls because people are expecting calls from loved ones, or simply being lonely.

    Better Business Bureau recently List of 12 scams Expected to rise during the holidays. Many of them are aimed at online and smartphone users.

    What happened to the ‘Do Not Call’ list? Source link What happened to the ‘Do Not Call’ list?

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