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(NEXSTAR) — From clowns to public speaking, people have a wide range of phobias that keep them at night. In time for Halloween Your local security has put together a list of top phobias In the United States based on Google search.

The biggest phobia of the year was the fear of failure, followed by the fear of blood, water and intimacy. The spider and the outside are tied together to end the top five phobias in the United States.

Only the residents of Montana searched “”Fear of humans Despite the greatest fear of 2020, this year was the most. Utah was the only state ranked by needle horror.

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, Maine was the only state to have “fear of bacteria or viruses” as the top phobia searched. Last year it was the greatest horror in both Florida and Nevada.

For Americans, phobias have fallen from the greatest fears of seven states last year to only two states this year, and the fear of flying appears to be a little less.

Six of the seven states that residents searched for “fear of water” are closest to the body of water.

Read to see the greatest horror of your state:

Alabama Fear of failure
Alaska Fear of failure
Arizona Acrophobia
Arkansas Acrophobia
California Fear of blood
Colorado Fear of failure
Connecticut Fear to the outside
Delaware Fear of flying
Washington District Fear of social media
Florida Fear of blood
Georgia Fear of blood
Hawaii Fear of holes
Idaho Fear of flying
Illinois Fear of blood
Indiana Fear of water
Iowa Fear of intimacy
Kansas Ophidiophobia
Kentucky Fear of water
Louisiana Fear of water
Main Fear of bacteria and viruses
Maryland Fear of intimacy
Massachusetts Fear of failure
Michigan Fear of water
Minnesota Fear of failure
Mississippi Fear of being alone
Missouri Fear of blood
Montana Fear of people
Nebraska Fear of failure
Nevada Fear of blood
New hampshire Arachnophobia
New jersey Fear of intimacy
New Mexico Fear of holes
New York Fear of intimacy
North Carolina Fear of water
North dakota Fear to the outside
Ohio Fear of failure
Okurahoma Arachnophobia
Oregon Fear of water
Pennsylvania Fear of water
Rhode Island Fear of the dark
South Carolina Arachnophobia
South dakota Fear to the outside
Tennessee Fear of blood
Texas Fear of blood
Utah Fear of needles
Vermont Fear of failure
Virginia Fear of failure
Washington Fear of blood
West Virginia Fear of the dark
Wisconsin Fear of failure
Wyoming Clown horror

What Americans fear most, according to their Google searches Source link What Americans fear most, according to their Google searches

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