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    What Addison Rae Is Buying Now: Brown Boots, Brow Gel, and Shimmery Lip Gloss

    With over 40 million followers on Instagram, an astonishing 86 million (and counting) people are watching her TikToks and calling Addison Rae. Influencer It feels modest.Every move a 21 year old makes, whether she’s wearing it or not “Crazy Cute” Corset Top Or quickly Social media star finance details, Causes a spike in headlines … and buys.

    The power of her name is Energy drink, skin care Product, and Advantageous Netflix Deals..And her latest venture includes a collaboration with IPSY Gram bag XA selection of eight full-size products curated by Addison, worth up to $ 500 for $ 55. “I was really excited to be able to embrace the Glam Bag X myself,” Rae said, adding that the product he chose for the collaboration was inspired by the “90s model off-duty look.”

    But we had the opportunity to talk to someone as influential as Ray, so what did we have to ask? other than that Currently inspiring her.Read the latest article in Your favorite favorites With Addison Rae.

    90’s trends I love

    Bushy eyebrows! I love everyone frowning, and now I feel like I’m ingrained in everyone’s makeup. That’s what I’ve always been particular about and loved.I ITEM Beauty ButterfliesIt’s great for filling my eyebrows. I have pretty thick eyebrows, so I use it very sparsely. And I think eyebrow gel is indispensable.I Anastasia Beverly Hills Blow Gel.. It’s in my Gram Bag X.

    Item Beauty by Addison Rae Brow Chow Eyebrow Pencil

    Eyebrow gel

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Blow Gel

    I love Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford as references for the 90’s. I think they all have a really nice look. Fiona Apple also has an incredible 90’s look. The looks of her eyes have always been really cool and graphic.

    The last thing I bought

    I feel like I’ve ordered a lot these days, but the last one I ordered was sunglasses.They are Stussy sunglasses.. I saw it in an Instagram ad. I’m very bad at ignoring them. I look at them and it seems like “OK, anything”.

    My favorite way to spend the holidays

    I’m going for a walk. I love doing it. I also had a keyboard in my apartment, so I’m trying to learn for myself. I learned “Stay”. It was really good.

    I’ve seen a lot about the unreleased song “I Got It Bad”. I think it’s very interesting not know [when I’ll release it].. We will have to see, I guess. It just depends.

    The best in my closet

    My style changes very often because I still understand what I like. It’s just a combination of things. I love the 90’s … what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s not dirty, but it’s like the atmosphere of its dark and sexy goth, Angelina Jolie. I think it’s really cool. But I also love tropical and eccentric works. I still really understand my style. Sometimes it comes to my mind that this doesn’t suit me … but I’m learning to wear it without worrying about what I like. We are getting there in my style.

    What Addison Rae Is Buying Now: Brown Boots, Brow Gel, and Shimmery Lip Gloss Source link What Addison Rae Is Buying Now: Brown Boots, Brow Gel, and Shimmery Lip Gloss

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