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    ‘We’re selling an entire town!’ The rare, unique business of ghost towns for sale – Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida 2021-10-01 13:43:18 –

    If you buy a home, you know the possible milestones of life. Well, some realtors have a new perspective on you. It’s rare, and it’s definitely unusual, but no matter where you live, you probably have a not-so-distant option.

    “All these signs are original,” said Christa Swarts of Fatm Realty, pointing to the old signs of Dr. Pepper and Vicks Vepolab hanging from the wall.

    This time, Swartz doesn’t have the usual job of giving a key to only one property. She cut out more for her.

    “We sell the whole town,” she smiled. “I’ve been a realtor for 14 years and have never met another realtor who sold the entire town.”

    Water Valley, Tennessee is home to seven acres, four pre-1900 grocery stores, a barn, and a small stream. It also comes with small things that make up the story. A hole in the wall that used to be a mailbox in a store was missing a part of the sidewalk where a man was sitting and hitting a cane.

    “This particular area became famous for the apple orchards that went through all of this in the 1800s,” Swarts said. “The railroad passing here was very prosperous.”

    According to Swarts, no one would have imagined that the pouch would one day be so quiet during the bustling 1930s and 1940s of the Water Valley.

    “Sugi trees have been introduced in this area,” she said. “They carried a blight with them who killed the apple trees, and soon the railroad stopped passing. It’s probably the end of many small towns across America. People move on. I did. “

    Water Valley has become one of several American towns waiting for the next chapter on sale.

    So how much do you pay for the town? Bridgeville, California is on the market for $ 1.5 million. Get Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina for $ 1.4 million. Second, Arizona creators can buy for less than $ 1 million for $ 1.

    Water Valley prices are even lower than all of them, coming in at $ 725,000.

    And yes, the town is lower than that. You can own 6 acres of South Dakota Sweatshirts for $ 250,000. This is well below the average cost of a condo.

    In the case of Water Valley, it has been sold to four people who have owned the town for the past 20 years, with specific buyers in mind. They want buyers not to be bothered by cows on the road from time to time.

    “People who own it don’t want to sell it to those who just grow them and generate development,” Swarts said.

    Instead, Swarts said he was thinking of modeling a nearby Ripper’s Fork, an oasis of small picket fences in the middle of the farmland, perhaps antiques, homemade ice cream, and a wedding hall.

    According to Swarts, the offer is already in place, but like any other town for sale, it’s cut out by the buyer to get the key.

    “Selling a town is very special,” she said. “This is a story. This is American history and I want to spend this short period of time and drink deeply. I will be part of the story.”

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