Welcome to Plathville Fans Trash Olivia: She’s Toxic! She Sucks!


Welcome to the audience of Plusville.

Stop hitting around the bushes!

Please tell us your true feelings!

just kidding. Unfortunately for Olivia Plus.

In an article on Tuesday’s TLC reality show, Olivia and her husband Ethan clashed over whether to move to a big city (as Olivia wanted to do) or stay in the countryside (as Ethan asked).

“The relationship between Olivia and me, it was a little difficult,” Ethan admitted on the air after his wife insisted on moving to Tallahassee.

“I will do anything to make my marriage my job.

“But when you hear from the people you’re involved with, we sometimes hear that we may not be right for each other. After hearing that, I wonder if you have the power to make it work. increase.”

There is tension Between Olivia and Ethan for a while now.

Their relationship has been cracked for a long time, but it’s worth considering whether this latest disagreement could push your spouse out of the way.

“As long as I’m with you, I’ll probably never go back to my favorite environment: the small town, the countryside …” Ethan complained to Olivia.

In response, she said she wanted to live in “a bigger city, more people, more inspiration, more ideas.”

With little room for compromise, Ethan had little resistance, as the two claimed.

“You have changed,” he told Olivia. “You have completely changed from you when I married you.”

It’s tough, isn’t it?

But … is it fair?

Place of discussion

Yes, many Olivia critics will say.

“Olivia is as toxic as her parents,” one tweeted this week after the episode aired, another added:

“This bend against Olivia’s is terrible. It’s a manipulative tactic, not for her mental health.”

It gets worse from there as well.

Written a third frustrating viewer:

“Olivia … after manipulating / ridiculing to keep Ethan .. he abandoned his entire life he knew everything for her!

“Are you sacrificing yourself now because you can’t meet him on the way because you don’t move to the big city?!?

“Honey, heroine addicts can’t even go to such a cold turkey.”


These remarks were made shortly Olivia admitted she was suffering Last year’s miscarriage.

“I know that the topic of miscarriage is very personal, affects many people, and people feel very different,” she said.

“But I think there’s a stigma around it and I don’t have much freedom to talk about it,” Olivia said.

Olivia also admitted that both she and Ethan were “relieved” that they had lost their baby. This is a confession that few people do it in public.

“I was so happy when I had a miscarriage that I really felt lonely,” she said.

“And I felt it was wrong to feel that way. Talk to someone who might or might have had a different perspective than what I grew up with. I wish there were more people doing it. “”

Of course, Olivia grew up in a very tough family and was banned from talking about sex.

Ethan is the oldest child of his immediate family, and he is moving away from his parents because his parents disagree with Olivia’s influence on his son and other children.

In a previous chat with her sister-in-law Moria, Olivia said she and Ethan were “not working.”

Olivia remembered that Ethan was always “teaching” Ethan after leaving her parents’ home and explaining.

“For a while, it showed new things, gave him new experiences, and acted as a guide for him.”

But lately?

“I want an equal relationship,” Olivia continued.

“”I can go to treatment, I can try to heal, treat and grow, but I can’t do it for Ethan. “

Welcome to Plathville Fans Trash Olivia: She’s Toxic! She Sucks! Source link Welcome to Plathville Fans Trash Olivia: She’s Toxic! She Sucks!


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