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    Weekly Horoscope: October 10 to October 16, 2021

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    November 22nd-December 21st


    Your local zone may have been on the restricted side since late May, but redirecting time to gathering information, learning the language curve, and updating concepts will help for the rest of the year. .. Perhaps it’s time to put together what you’ve learned, share information, teach, move to a formal learning course, and create a feedback loop. Your self-consciousness is strengthened by the authoritative dissemination of your wisdom. Step into your inner guru and apply your positive spins, humor, and generosity. Then it will come back to you.

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    December 22nd-January 19th


    Your financial zone is the host of structuring and integration of themes for another year or so. Since late May, there may have been less positive movements than I expected. Or maybe you’ve scrutinized and addressed some of the tedious and necessary issues. Changes or work made in this zone will support progress and opportunities and growth periods for the rest of the year. I’m lucky, so why don’t you push it? Give your price or job a name, and you may get it. There is no harm in asking!

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    January 20-February 18


    The direction of your life or something may have been put on hold. Thankfully, the wheels will start spinning next week. There are two nearly opposite themes that are currently activating your signature. On the one hand, create strategies, structures and go on long games. For the rest of the year, you have the opportunity to grow, so don’t hesitate when you can try something new, reach out, or leap forward in your faith. From a practical and planning perspective, the structure you create is essential to support your new direction, so keep an eye on adults and adventures.

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    February 19th to March 20th


    To maximize growth opportunities, perhaps structural, diligent, and building skills in the face of fear and resistance in mysterious / boundary space zones are essential. Perhaps it’s something you haven’t paid much attention to lately, or you’re diligent and ready to share and guide others in energy work and meditation. Confidence and ability in this zone is the same as any other. An application is required for development. Whether it’s a private journey or an artist, you manage to speak and convey a collective voice. You will know what it is for you.

    Weekly Horoscope October 10th to 16th, 2021

    Vanessa Montgomery (also known as Astro All Stars) is a professional counseling astrologer and Star Power: A quick guide to astrology for modern mystics When The Power of the Universe: A simple guide to the sun signs for modern mystics, igniting your light.. Montgomery’s work, aimed at enlightenment and looking at past labels into a sense of unity that connects us all, also helps us navigate practical essentials with well-founded space information. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power and create your world.

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